Sketch Tuesday ~ Something At A Bank

This week’s Sketch Tuesday theme is ~  Something At A Bank

Over the years, we have regularly taken part in Sketch Tuesday.   Even though the topics may seem simple, and the approach rather informal, I have been amazed at the impact it has had on my children’s creativity and confidence.

The weekly slideshow is very effective!  My kids look forward to seeing their work.  And in viewing other sketches, they learn how others create, notice paintings or sketches with detail or color, and are stimulated to continue sketching.  As I have encouraged before, informal, regular contact with Fine Arts has an incredible impact on our children!

Inside a Bank 001

Inside a Bank 001 (2) If you would like to join Sketch Tuesday, pop over to Harmony Fine Arts and click the subscription box. and confirm the subscription email when it comes.  Each week Barb will email the slideshow and the next topic of theme.

See you at the next slideshow!

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2 thoughts on “Sketch Tuesday ~ Something At A Bank

  1. Always enjoy the pictures you and your family does. My kids look forward to seeing what (and how) you did the Sketch Tuesday assignment. A couple of times the subject given was difficult for them to figure out and your pictures helped them visualize the subject and helped them to create their own pictures. Thank you for sharing your creations.


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