Paul Klee Art Appreciation

Following our Charlotte Mason approach of studying one great artist and his works for a month,  we have discovered the colorful world of

Paul Klee!

Paul Klee was a Swiss-born abstract painter castlewhose work noted for his colorful and  fantasy-style of art depicting a world of semi-abstract, dreamlike images. His style was always highly imaginative, often strange, and sometimes playful.  Klee himself defined his art as “taking a line for a walk”.

I prepared a Wall Chart page, a biography page and three art appreciation lessons, along with extra Paul Klee art examples.

Paul Klee wall chart page

Paul Klee wall chart page

Paul Klee word grid art lesson

Paul Klee Word Grid art lesson

Here are our Paul Klee “Word Art” art works ~

Paul Klee Poems 001

Miss. L 13’s Paul Klee-inspired word art

Paul Klee Poems 002

my Paul Klee-inspired word art









Paul Klee landscape grid lesson

Paul Klee Landscape Grid lesson

Paul Klee colour blocks art lesson

Paul Klee Color Blocks art lesson

(Please note that I have updated the grid size since taking these images )

Here is your free download ~ Paul Klee bio & gallery & art lessons

Pop over to my Art page for more art appreciation lessons and pages.

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6 thoughts on “Paul Klee Art Appreciation

  1. Thank you for sharing your wonderful pages!! Your blog has to be my fav CMason site I have found so far!! I am always encouraged & learning when I read your posts!! Thank you for being a great CM homeschooling example that is FUN, hip and modern, yet very old school at heart with keeping to what CM taught. 🙂 love it!!!


  2. I wonder if you truly know how much you inspire me and how much you help form an Art Curriculum for myself and my 13 year old. I even use your posts as examples and samples when I am reporting on Art in our Home school Progress Reports. I love how you share the Artist so I can research them further and look at more images and then we go off and replicate them. Thank you, you really do bring substance to our week with the pages you post and I never take them for granted. Bless you. xox


    • @Kym, I am so glad that our art plans and ideas are such a practical help to you and your daughter in your homeschooling! I so appreciate your positive comments! Blessings.


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