Maths Mini Office New Pages

My youngest daughter’s middle school Maths Mini Office needs an upgrade and so I created some new pages to laminate and use in our Maths Mini Office.  These pages include ~

  1. Decimal and number value placement chart.  Handy to calculate multiplying and dividing by 10’s, 100’s or 100’s.
  2. Compass with bearings.  Handy for Geography and Geometry.
  3. X-Y Axis Grid for drawing graphs
  4. Positive & Negative Number Line to teach integers.

Here is the download link to the new Free Pages for your Maths Mini Office ~ Decimal Value Chart Compass XY Axis Pos & Neg Number line


6 thoughts on “Maths Mini Office New Pages

  1. Hi Nadene, I needed a x/y grid the other day and used yours. We couldn’t figure out why all,our lines didn work with the Math U See models and then when I looked closely I saw that you have the first line in the y axis marked at 0 when it should be 1. Perhaps you can fix it before another mom thinks she has completely lost the plot like I did 😜😜😜😜 thanks for this though and the senior one, we make use of it all the time. I think the only senior page missing is labeling of angles – complimentary/supplementary adjacent etc…Wxx


    • Gosh, thanks for your “heads up”! My formatting went out of kilter when I copied the page and I didn’t notice the typo! I have updated the grid, added arrows and axis labels in the new pdf. file. Blessings


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