Getting Real ~ Flops

Continuing my “Getting Real” series, today I want to share our ~ 

Thomas Alva Edison said, “Just because something doesn’t do what you planned it to do doesn’t mean that it is useless.”


Despite most my posts describing our successes, many lessons and projects have ended as flops! Sometimes with angry outbursts, or with tears, or with serious declarations that my kids hate “….” or whatever!

It happens! Just look at some amusing Pinterest Flops!

The trick is to learn from the mistakes, or learn to just let it go.

Redoing a project, or unpicking a seam, pulling out several rows of knitting, or erasing several arithmetic errors and re-calculating the answers requires real perseverance and strength of character.

Some things are worth getting right.  Maths. Spelling. Charlotte Mason encourages parents to encourage their children to do their work with excellence.

Some things should be recycled or ditched.

When some of our art lessons have disappointed us or the end product is disastrous, we have cut the art work into cards or bookmarks.  Some, we simply tossed into the wastepaper basket.

When lessons flop, the teacher inside me quickly starts to analyse …

  • Should I have tried a different approach/ book/ method?
  • Is the work too hard/ difficult for my child?
  • Are the instructions clear?
  • Did I explain well?
  • Was I really prepared or did I fly by the seat of my pants?
  • Is my child alert, awake and stimulated or is he/ she tired or sick or distracted?
  • Is this lesson worth re-doing?
  • What can I change?

I believe that disappointments and some mistakes are a very important training tools.  We should not  try shield our child from flops and poor results.  They need to learn from them.  Children must develop their characters and grow as people in order to stay positive and try again.  A sense of humor is an incredible tool, too!

To quote Thomas Edison after battling to develop the light bulb,

“I haven’t failed.  I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

So, if you’ve had flops, rack them up as part of your learning curve, laugh it off, and try, try, try again!

Blessings and wishing you much success,

5 thoughts on “Getting Real ~ Flops

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  2. Just what I needed to hear this morning! I don’t know if you all have Mother’s Day in your country, but it’s Mother’s Day here in the USA. So, Thank you! And Happy Mother’s Day to a fellow Homeschool Mom that I’ve admired through your many successes, and admitted “flops”. You are inspirational. The Jesus in you shines through!. Thanks for sharing your life with us readers.


  3. Love it Nadene, especially the pinterest flops!! I think sometimes this modern way of life of looking through the lens or the screen can make someone’s life/blog/artwork/holiday/etc seem “oh so perfect” – it’s good to be reminded that “things are not always what they seem”! Anna


    • @Anna, I think that is why sometimes sharing the ‘real’ with readers is even more encouraging than only showing the ‘perfect’, because we know that none of us are perfect!


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