Fresh Schoolroom

Here’s a peep into our fresh-look schoolroom for 2015 ~


We do most our homeschooling in our study-come-craft room. Squeezed into a small enclosed back stoep, we have all our bookshelves and our round table, my desk, the computer desk and sewing cabinet.

When the kids were young, we used a small plastic table and suitably sized plastic chairs. Once they were a little older, we all sat at our round table, the littlest one sitting high enough on booster cushions.

Now, teaching teens who are often busy  with individual creative artistic activities, we brought in one more table so that each person can spread out their things and work undisturbed.

I gave my youngest 12-year-old daughter her own more “mature” work space.



  • She has all her school books, notebooks, ring binder, and personal stationary in a new storage box.  (Previously, we used chair bags or a space on a bookshelf next to the desk.)
  • The whiteboard is a good place for temporary displays, where our prestik doesn’t leave any residue.
  • Maps, our Theme of the Day and posters hang from hooks on the whiteboard.
  • Our display board clipboards were given a fresh coat of paint to match our new upholstery fabric.
  • The hook above her table is ideal to hang mobiles for our themes.

Every year I sort, rearrange and pack our books.  Colored stickers help us keep books in curriculum or age-appropriate order on our bookshelves. 3-20150123_065101

  • My high schooler chose to work at the round table.
  • She has a storage box on the shelf for all her school books and equipment.
  • I arranged our Science kits, reference books and nature study stuff together in storage boxes on an accessible part of the bookshelf.
  • All our maths games and kits, spelling games and other educational games or equipment are stored in labelled ice-cream boxes.
  • We store all our arts and crafts materials are stored in drawers and small plastic suitcases.
  • My 15-year-old has her own special art supplies and equipment in a plastic drawer system.

We have enjoyed the new layout and working arrangement! The kids love all the space and I love the organized freshness!



9 thoughts on “Fresh Schoolroom

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  5. I like your idea of each child having their own box with their school stuff and love the way your school room looks,love your ideas! My challenge its to keep our wall to wall shelves in dinning room in a way it doesn’t look crowded or disorganized especially when we have guests. Regardless, thankful for the space. 🙂 Thank you for sharing, Nadene!


    • You must appreciate that these photos reveal our “window dressing” and I had just finished clearing and repacking our shelves. It doesn’t always look this neat! [smiles]


  6. Hi Nadene,
    I really love your blog. Your study room is so tidy ;-).
    I also love your solar system cartoons. Plan to start doing that with my son.

    Quick question. Could you recommend maths and Spelling games for 5 -8 year olds ,

    And how can you teach a 7year old animation?



    • @michellepeteridah, Thanks for your comment! Please note that these photos are “window dressing” and were taken after a major clean-up! It doesn’t look like this all the time!
      We really enjoy creating our solar system comic pages! Pop over to my Maths page for some free downloads and ideas. We have enjoyed Banangram Spelling for fun practice and Spelling City has some fun games where you can load your own lists. We enjoyed K5 Learning Maths and Spelling!
      Sorry, I don’t know anything about animation.


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