Spring Blossoms

We have experienced an unusually mild, dry winter.  There has been no snow on our mountains and yet we have experienced some of the worst frost ever.  Since it is still August, it came as a surprise to find our fruit orchard full of blossoming trees.  My previous early spring blossom sketches in my nature diary were done September last year.Blossoms1

My youngest daughter led me out to enjoy the warm sunshine and we went to view “our” Maple tree. We first measured our Maple tree  in 2011 and the little tree was just as tall as Miss.L12, just over 1 meter high.  This spring it is twice my height!  I was glad that my nature journal contained many of my older nature study pages because we could compare our current tree study with previous years and seasons.

Sketch Book Blossoms 001

Sketch Book Blossoms 004

We spent time looking at the variety of fruit trees’ blossoms.  I was utterly enchanted by our blue berry blossoms which looked like little bells.  We sketched and painted and we both experimented with wet-on-wet water painting which worked wonderfully! (I’m afraid that my scanner did not pick up the colors of our watercolors.)

Sketch Book Blossoms 002 Sketch Book Blossoms 003

As our time was running out, and we had already spent much of our morning outside (time flies when you are having fun sketching), I sent Miss.L12 with the camera to capture all the blossoms.  We plan to use the photos to sketch and paint or simply to compare the differences between the different blossoms.


We are so happy to enjoy our lovely early spring nature study here in South Africa and wish a happy autumn to those living in the Northern Hemisphere!


(Contributing this post to the Outdoor Hour Challenge Blog Carnival.)

10 thoughts on “Spring Blossoms

  1. I enjoyed your pictures, drawings, and nature journal entries. Thanks for the inspiration. Now I’m in the mood for maple syrup! We’ve enjoyed making maple syrup the last few years.


    • @Bumblebees R Us Day Care Center, thanks for your encouraging comments and your kind compliments! I find that when children can notice and draw details in nature studies, they become more confident to draw and sketch in art too!


  2. I love these entries. *smile* We are looking at the end of summer so the heat is finally comming to an end and the cool nights are starting to visit us spiratically. We are enjoying the change of color in the few pumpkins that have blessed us with their growth and we find ourselves thanking God for the blessing of a HOT summer, once again. *smile* With the heat comes fantastic fruit in our area so we are thankful. *smile* Sometimes I think of our fire season (usually starts of the heat of summer) as it’s referred to in our new story on CD about how Corrie Tenboom thought of the fleas in one of the concentration camps. *small smile* I don’t like it, but God knows what is best for us and what will help us grow. *smile* Have a great day remembering to pray always. Sincerely, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!


  3. Nadene,

    I’ve quietly followed you for a couple years and just want to say thank you for these posts and sharing your homeschool with us. You always inspire me! I am a veteran homeschool mom of 23 years with many adopted children. My youngest will graduate in six years. A mom gets tired and your posts not only inspire, but help me to refocus on the simplicity and beauty of the CM method which we all love.

    Thanks again and be blessed!
    Leslie in the U.S.


    • Warm welcome @Leslie Isbell, and thank you for your kind and encouraging comments. We all need some fresh inspiration and motivation from time to time because our calling and ministry is so important and intense. I’m also so grateful to follow Charlotte Mason’s principles as her approach is truly rich and rewarding. Blessings!


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