Love Homeschool!

These photos capture what I love most about homeschool …



I love reading to my long-legged, lanky 12-year-old while she nestles in my lap.  (Yes!  She loves to still snuggle in my lap!)

I love our mornings filled with cuddles and giggles.

I love my little Miss. Lara and Laura & Little House books!

My youngest is growing up fast, yet she’s still a child who loves to kiss and cuddle and she loves to be loved.  We have had countless loving moments in our homeschooling days.

Recently I remarked how public schooled kids miss out on parental touch and affection while they learn, and how fortunate and blessed we are to love each other throughout our days.

May I, yet again, urge new homeschool moms to relax and enjoy their children and develop deep and intimate school days.  Avoid all those tears and tantrums with tailor-made homeschooling presented in the way that causes your child to blossom and bloom best.  You have a wonderful opportunity to delight yourself alongside your child as he or she learns and discovers, so focus on the subjects and topics they are interested in.

Forget about “doing school at home”. Keep the essential basic lessons (reading, maths, handwriting) short, simple (literally no more than 20 minutes!) and then happily move on to the discovery and discussion subjects.  Find out how to fit all the extras in and add variety by using a theme for each day.

Follow your child’s lead.  Don’t struggle and “make them learn” by forcing lessons that they are not ready for.  Shelve the lessons or books for a month or two and try again later if your child continually cries and complains.  When your child is ready, they learn so fast and enthusiastically that it makes no sense to battle and fight with them and create a negative vibe about school.  Tears and tantrums are a sign of fear.

Don’t compare yourself, your child, your children or others.  Fear of failure is a dreadful result.  While it is easier and makes good sense to work with several children in your family as a group for core subjects, rather approach each child as a complete individual.  Observe and find out how each child prefers to learn new and difficult concepts and approach their learning in the way that best suits them.

My tactile, affectionate, visual, kinesthetic child loves to move, touch and do stuff while she learns.  If she were to sit at the table to do all her homeschool, she would be utterly frustrated, so we do short seat-work lessons and then I allow her to choose what and where she wants to do her core and other lessons.

We took these photos (with a self-timer!) after Bible, maths and spelling.  We sat in the warm sun flooding her bedroom carpet and did our reading and read alouds.  We chatted about topics and themes, we discussed the characters and their fears and successes.

Informal, intimate and incredible!  We realized, once again, that we are blessed to learn and live in such loving liberty.

What do you enjoy most about your homeschooling?


15 thoughts on “Love Homeschool!

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  2. Fantastic! This is both wonderful for you and encouraging for me. *smile* We have two growing blessings who get to have story time every evening. *smile* We are enjoying a few different books at the moment, Mystery of History 1, Grandpa’s Box (read aloud by Daddy from time to time *smile*), and a book about hymn writers. We enjoy story time every evening in our family. *smile* Have a great day and thank you for much for sharing one of your many loves of homeschooling. Sincerely, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!


  3. I have a long-legged, lanky, lovable nearly 12 year-old too. And I never take it for granted that everyday can be filled with so much bonding that could not happen if I sent her to school. Almost a shame that Teachers can’t hug their students in the classroom without it being deemed as something sinister. I am also blessed to still have a snuggle bunny. She has not been destroyed by peer pressure. We can still have sleepovers together, we still share the bathroom and shower or bath without any thoughts of “ewwww – don’t look at me”, we can hang out in our pyjamas some days and go out whenever it suits us. We do book work but when that suits us as well. We read, knit, sew, cook, paint, discuss, swim and gym and guitar and piano etc. There is nothing we can’t do, or don’t do just because she is not in school. And there is plenty of socialising. We have cranky days, it’s not all love and light especially with both of us now being hormonal woman monthly – but we have such open discussions about becoming a woman and all those other personal matters that I am glad she learns at home and not in the school yard. My darling is well spoken, well mannered, well adjusted, not into the latest and greatest of fashion or hair-dos and yet still she manages to keep up with the music scene, the loom craze, watches appropriate movies, still has some computer time and knows enough to not feel drastically “different” from anyone else. She puts a little chalk in her hair and has her own ways of feeling “cool”. I just love how we can fast track anything she is interested in and slow down what she finds more difficult and go with subjects she is interested in and not have to tick off every box in the curriculum. HOME’S COOL! We LOVE it! Now excuse me while we go and enjoy all our animals and have a leisurely breakfast in the sunshine before our day takes off into the wonderful world of whatever falls into our path. xoxoxo


  4. Nadene,
    your post was a God sent message. We just started our first homeschool year a month ago. For the past days I have been questioning myself if I made the right decision for my kids. After reading your post, I took a deep breath, and took a different approach to today’s study work.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge, you may not realize, but your posts help those starting in this wonderful journey of homeschool!
    all the way from USA


  5. Absolutely! My 12 yr old son lies over my lap and has a back scratch or hair playing time while I read and those hugs during the day. In fact I seek them all out (15, 17, 19 & 51yr olds) during my day to connect physically. Nothing like it…am sure it fills my love tank more than theirs ;)))


  6. Lovely post, Nadine. Yes, being the bibliophiles that we are, I would have to say that read aloud time has to be THE best time we spend together too. Next on my list is just being in nature with the children- love it! We are so privileged.


    • @albanyaloe, reading living books takes us on such a wonderful journey! I recently realized that my youngest child loves to read aloud to me because she is guaranteed of my being with her both physically and emotionally and mentally. She loves the shared experience! I’m still working on our nature times and learning to keep it really informal and delightful. Blessings!


  7. Thank you for a very special reminder of what it’s all about. Sometimes we get so caught up in have-to’s and what people think, instead of enjoying the fleeting moments with our kids before they grow up! What I love about homeschooling is my kids get much more time to play, relax and discover things they’re interested in. I get to see them during the day, chat with them about what they’re learning and hug and love them if need be. Yes, they often fight, but they also often get on so well. They say homeschoolers are socially deprived. I don’t think so. They don’t have to sit still and quiet in a chair all day and not talk to their friends while they learn. My kids get to discuss whatever they learn with me or each other.


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