New Fun Art!

For a while my 12-year-old has avoided been reluctant about her art.  So sad. Somehow, her perfectionism got in the way of her creativity.  And, perhaps I focused too seriously on Charlotte Mason art appreciation lessons rather than presenting her simple art fun.

I was delighted when I came across this book at our local library ~

A Usborne Activities 365 Things to Draw and Paint  by Fiona Watt

(ISBN 978-1-86806-319-2)


According to the title, this book offers amazing art activities for every day for a whole year!  Actually, each double page layout presents several interconnected ideas, and so you have about 126 lessons here instead of 365.

Much to my delight, Miss.L12 immediately tagged about 30 pages and we decided to try to do one a day!

Here is how fabulous Miss.L12 felt about her first art lesson!

Art fun

And I’m smiling too!

What I like about these art activities is the simplicity of the lesson combined with an exploration of different creative techniques such as printing, rubbings, splatters, cutting out, doodles … superb creative fun!

Here is our “Laboratory Experiments” activity with blowing, splatter and print art elements ~

Art fun1

And here is our “Printed Fruit & Vegetables” with finger painting, print techniques and rubbings for the fruit crates.  Again, huge success!

Art fun2

I’m doing these art activities along with my daughter and we are having such a lovely creative time!

I guess that I am going to renew this library book several times! [smiles]



8 thoughts on “New Fun Art!

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  3. We will have to check this book out from the library. Looks fun for this summer. As my two oldest continue to grow, I can lean too far into technique and miss the exploratory, open-ended part of art. My 5 and 9 year old need it, but really, we all need it!

    Have you ever heard of Carla Sonheim or checked out her book Drawing Lab? Our family has taken several online art classes with her, she’s has such a playful approach to art. Right now we’re doing a year long class on fairy tale illustrations.

    Here’s a link to a fun tutorial on her blog:

    Thanks for always posting inspiring ideas and encouragement.


  4. This looks so fun! I’m going to look for a copy for my kids. They love drawing and painting, but need a bit more direction than I am able to give them. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


  5. Thanks for the inspiration (as always) Nadene, this is exactly the place that my 12-year-old creative daughter finds herself in. She’s just started her 3 month summer holidays so we’re heading for the library for one of those Usborne books and we’re going to have fun with art! What is it about this age that makes so many young artists withdraw for lack of confidence? Perhaps the transition from imaginative to representative… or something about wanting to describe in 3-D but not having the skills? interesting…


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