Notice Board – Latin Words

Today I want to share a teeny-tiny “extra” we squeeze into our week …

50 Common Latin Words

Part of our new homeschool notice board, which includes clipboards for our Current Affairs, Nature Study and Bible Verse displays, I tucked in a small clip to hold our week’s new Latin word & definition card.

We don’t actually “do” the classical homeschooling approach, nor do we study Latin, but Latin phrases often occur in classic literature, movies, legal discussions and everyday speech, that I felt it would be a good addition to our homeschool studies.

Quite simply, we read the new word, discuss the meaning and use the new word/s in a sentence, and then display the word/s for a week.

Much to my amazement, more than a year ago, when I first introduced these commonly used Latin words, my eldest daughter who was not participating in our lessons, learnt a whole bunch of these words just by passing us as we discussed the Latin words or by reading the display.  It is part of an enriching learning environment, and it does penetrate, even when concepts are presented very informally.

50 Common Latin Words

Here is your free download ~ 50 Common Latin Words Cards

CurrClick has free Latin & Greek Root words flash cards suited for middle schoolers & high schoolers this week.

All in grace,

8 thoughts on “Notice Board – Latin Words

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  2. I am going to start homeschooling my 2 boys in the fall and I wanted to incorporate Latin into our week. This is a great way…thanks so much!
    South Carolina, USA


  3. Oh Nadine THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! My son has recently developed a strange obsession with Latin words. He isn’t homeschooled so he already has a very busy schedule learning what others expect from him. I love that he has an interest in new things and try my best to keep up with and motivate. I had just noticed yesterday that I not contributing in any way to his Latin feddish and then I got this email. Thank you, now we can both learn something new. I appreciate you so much for sharing the things that you have invested your time and resources into.

    Have a blessed day.

    Lena from Texas USA


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