Notice Board – Current Affairs

This year I created a new homeschool notice board for my middle schooler.


I attached wooden clipboards and clips so that we can quickly change/ update or add new information.

There are 4 clipboards for ~

  1. Current Affairs 
  2. Famous Artist
  3. Nature Study
  4. Bible Memory Verse

I included 2 smaller clips for Common Latin Words and the Famous Composer.

In this and a few following posts I will discuss more about each section and share free downloads that I created for our notice board.

Today ~ Current Affairs

Current Affairs Natural Disasters & Major Events 2014

Your free download ~ Current Affairs Natural Disasters & Major Events 2014

Included in this download is ~

  1. A world map with key for the natural disasters
  2. Blank monthly calendar with color key to note down the dates and events

We fit in this ‘minor’ activity on our “Tuesday – Timeline” day or our “Wednesday – World” studies day according to our 1-More-Thing “Theme of the Day”

It is in doing these extras that your children will have a rich and rewarding education, and it doesn’t have to take long at all.  Moms can quickly write in the latest events for younger children and let them find the country or location on the world map and draw in the symbol.  It is quick and only takes a moment!

May you be blessed in your Geography and World Studies!


Several readers asked where they could find current affairs and news.  I use my smart phone’s world news updates and jot down any relevant current affairs.

Ann Voskamp of Holy Experience posted “How to Feed Brains Everyday” with links to some amazing sites for several subjects.  Here are her links for current affairs ~

“Everyday Current Events
Today’s Times Mag for Kids
Daily Student News

Everyday Geography/World Events
This Week’s Pictures from around the world… always riveting, memorable photographs, worthy of discussion

Today’s Pictures: The Last 24 hrs in Pictures … this was a (near) daily must read…. We would look at the picture and see if we could guess where in the world this was happening while we ate, slept, worked, read in the last 24 hours… then I’d read the caption, and we’d find the location on the globe. This was a phenomenal resource to give a global awareness of what is happening to real people in real places in real time — today. We’d often stop and pray for the people photographed. If we want to be ourselves aware, and raise children who care about people, the world, I know of no better, *daily, real-time* resource.”

Much Grace,


12 thoughts on “Notice Board – Current Affairs

    • @Michelle, because I read daily news on my smart phone, we mostly work from this medium. Towards the end of the year there are several websites which give an overview. This is something that should develop naturally and which builds a wonderful general knowledge.


    • @mummy2six, thanks for writing! It is wonderful to keep the younger children in touch with a world map. Some moms use their current affairs studies as a point of prayer. We trust and pray that your son is kept safe in the Lord!


  1. My boys would love to fill out this chart (They’re really into this stuff – lol), but there are so many websites to find this info that it is rather overwhelming. Can you recommend a website or two? Can you share what you recorded for January and February so far? Thank you!


  2. Hi Nads, thanks for this. We have been relying on Gavin’s brain (or is that a sponge in my husbands head) at dinner time to bring us up to date. But he has so much info in there that we get a little lost sometimes. I think this post has given me the direction we need right now and Gav can fill in our blanks!


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