Sketch Tuesday Updates

Here are some of our Sketch Tuesday sketches we have done over the past month or so …

Something to clean your teeth:

Clean Teeth 001 Clean Teeth 002

Something from France:

Sketch Tuesday France 001


Zipper 002 Zipper 001

Something Cold:

Something Cold 002 Something Cold 001

Something that begins with C:

Something with C

Some weeks I don’t make the time and sit for 20 minutes or so to take part, but every time I do, I am reminded of the joy of creative time as a busy mom.

Charlotte Mason encourages moms to enjoy the benefits of “Mother Culture” and take part in our children’s nature walks, make time to note, draw and sketch and to appreciate poetry, music and art.  Homeschooling that includes these “extras” is rich and deep and rewarding.  Often it is the soul of our education, fulfilling our deepest needs for beauty and culture.

I encourage moms (and note to myself … smiles) to slow down, put the schedules aside, lay down all those high ideals and expectations and simply take part … draw, paint, sketch, be creative … and be refreshed!


5 thoughts on “Sketch Tuesday Updates

  1. Hi Nadine. I have a question. The Sketch Tuesday website link has changed and I cannot find it. My kids used to enjoy taking part but we haven’t been able to for months. Do you have the link?


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