Relationships – The Real Reason

AnotherWhat Works!” post ~ 

If I had to sum up the most rewarding aspect of homeschooling to graduation it would be that I could spend these important years of my child’s life in an intimate, rewarding relationship.  This was my real reason to homeschool in the beginning, and it remained the goal and core of our homeschooling to the end.

Here’s a few things that I learnt along the way ~

  • Teaching high school was not as tough as I anticipated.  Grade 9 maths is hard, but navigating those early teen hormone-overloaded emotional outbursts were tougher!
  • Teens need to be an active partner in making many decisions.  We sat together and figured out course and subject selections, career options, even times and hours of school per day … together.
  • Mom, you may not be able to teach it all.  Tutors or friends may have to help with subjects, advice, making decisions
  • Don’t take the refusals personally.  There were some times when I felt my daughters rejected me when they refused to take some of my Charlotte Mason subjects, or Bible study lessons (… yes … I had to lay that down … and it was hard …)
  • Teaching high school is very different to teaching juniors.  Those busy years with toddlers and active juniors doing fun hands-on activities etc. makes way to a whole spectrum of wonderful discussions, emerging thoughts, discoveries of God’s real calling and gifting …
  • Each child is different.  They may each require a completely unique curriculum or approach to their homeschooling.
  • Savour times together in their extra-murals and hobbiesEncourage creativity as a balance to the emphasis on academics.  For those sporty sorts, that is very important to include balance in every area of their lives.
  • Read aloud to your high schoolers!  Read the same novels that they are reading.  We thoroughly discussed our views about some great books during these high school years.  And remember that this is an incredible investment in their maturing writing skills.
  • Support them in their relationships.  This is a season for real testing regarding their values.  Many teens face enormous pressure and some are rejected for being “different”.  All teens are insecure about themselves at some stage.
  • Encourage entrepreneurial activities and interests.  Some teens develop excellent small businesses and begin to develop sound financial principles.
  • Don’t homeschool high schoolers in isolation!  This was perhaps our toughest issue in our homeschooling journey.  Our location and distance from friends made weekly meetings difficult.  Monthly visits were just not enough!

Many teens choose to forgo their homeschooling for the chance to socialize and learn with their peers in public schools.  And many parents feels insecure about their ability to adequately prepare and educate their children to graduation.  But, by God’s grace, we have stayed our course. I am aware that these decisions were never cast in stone.

In the end, I am so thankful that I could be with my teenager and journey with her through these formative years.

May you find ways to keep your child’s heart and grow your relationships!

Blessings, Nadene

One thought on “Relationships – The Real Reason

  1. Hi Nadene, Just wanted you to know that you encourage me so much! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and how you have done (and do!) things. We don’t do tutorials, although we are socially active, and it helps to “hear” that we are on track. (and need to improve others!) I really appreciate you!!
    Blessings, MJ


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