Do it!

Golly, it has been ages since I last wrote a post …

I do have a few reasons for my absence here …

My parents’ lives “imploded” in June and I have tried to support and assist them.  A few months ago my dad became ill with spinal TB and is now paralyzed.  We trust and pray that he will regain his strength, control and mobility, but, right now, he is weak and mostly bedridden or sitting in his wheelchair.

My mom has battled through the shock of dad’s illness, and has had to make radical decisions.  She has sold her car, sold their house and is packing, selling and donating their stuff to prepare for her move into a tiny cottage in a retirement village.  Her calls and messages are often filled with fear, anxiety, shock and sorrow.

The Lord is good.  He has answered so many prayers and I have witnessed His kindness and intimate provision to my parents in this time.  I remain hopefully expectant.  I pray and intercede for them and the Lord has encouraged me during this difficult time.

Living 15 hours away, I am not near enough to help as much I would like to …

And I am unable to fly to be with them right now as I am committed to my daughter’s final exams.  Which is my 2nd reason for my absence these past weeks.  She and I drove through to an exam center at our nearest town during August and September for her prelim exams.  She gained much confidence and learnt important exam skills.  We eagerly await her results …

And I recently took on a job which I later realized would require a graphics program.  Unable to afford Photoshop, I downloaded a similar free program called Gimp.   It is rather complex and difficult to use efficiently without tutorials and loads of practice.

Which brings me to my post topic ~ Do it!

No learning is more efficient than doing it oneself.

I once heard that at a medical school the senior lecturer said, “First I teach you and do it (a medical procedure) and you watch.  Then you do it and I’ll watch.  Then you teach someone else to do it.”  It is an accepted practice.

My first lessons on Gimp were passive and too brief.  I was aware of just a few steps or aspects, but could not complete a single thing on my own the next day.  Once I downloaded a few tutorials and went through the processes and steps, I was on my way … Until I got stuck!  Then I had to visit a friend and ask for help.  She and I tried about 3 different methods and finally found a solution, but when I got home I couldn’t remember which method was the right one!  I had to do them all over again until I found the right method.  I re-used the process several times, and now I can do it fairly quickly and confidently.

Here’s the point~

  • Do it again – quickly!  Don’t wait took long before repeating the learning or lesson.
  • Do it again and again!  Repetition is vital!  Do it over and over until it becomes natural or easy.
  • Do it again and teach someone else!  Telling others “fixes” it in your mind and memory.

Today my daughter went for an extra CAT (Computer Applied Technology) lesson on Access.  She needed a “refresher” in preparation for her final practical exam on the 8th October.  We have been “stuck” on a few aspects, and her confidence was lacking.  The teacher showed her the working principles of the program.  Then they went through the past exam.  Within a few minutes she was on a roll and completed the exam question without too many problems.  By the end of that question, I saw the teacher merely prompting her here or there.  And after an hour he simply watched her do it on her own.  We all are confident that she can “do it” well in her exam!

And younger children?  Many moms have noticed that when a baby learns a new skill, they do it over and over!  …Throw the block from the high chair and watch it fall to the ground.  Mom picks it up and baby does it again.  And again.  And again…

It is the same with other skills … All my kiddies loved to cut.  They cut slashes, they cut confetti, they cut along lines.  For days and days, they enjoyed cutting paper, wool, card, play dough.  After enough practice, they were “over” their cutting frenzy and wanted to practice other skills.

Repetition is vital for young children.

They love to “do it myself”.

Let them!

Let them stand on a chair and “help” you in every task and activity.

Release perfectionism and let them do it as well as they can.

Resist the temptation to fix their efforts.

Encourage them and continue to train them.

Demonstrate the activity or task again clearly and then let them do it themselves.

Blessings as you do it!


7 thoughts on “Do it!

  1. Reading how you are praying through what your parents are going through is an encouragement. Thank you for sharing the update on them. And to read that you have a job that uses a new-to-you program and how you are learning how to use it is fun. *smile* Thank you for sharing your praises, requests, and your new things with us. Have a great week staying focused on Him who is always with you. Sincerely, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!


  2. Hi Nadene, thanks for your post, a real encouragement! It is 4 am and I often get up at this time to pray. I never read my wife’s e-mails, but for some reason your’s caught my eye this morning and your mom and dad’s situation has touched my heart. I am praying for them and trust God will do amazing things for them and for you! Keep “posting”. T


  3. Prayers go out to your parents during this difficult time. Life is so difficult and uncertain sometimes and we must trust in HIS plan. I’m hoping your parents are believers. Exciting times for your daughter (and you). Prayers for patience, strength and wisdom coming your way.


    • @Wendy, thank you for your prayers, and yes, my parents are both believers. Their walk with the Lord has been challenged in this time, but also strengthened and deepened in other ways. We so appreciate the church and body of believers who help and support and pray for them.


  4. Hi Nads,
    I am sorry that things have not improved for your folks. I will remember them in my prayers. I do hope that Miss T.’s exams went really well.


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