Stars & Night Sky

This month’s Handbook of Nature Study Outdoor Hour Challenge theme is

Night Sky

Perseid Meteor. Cropped enhanced version. Orig...

Perseid Meteor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Although we live in a perfect star-gazing position …

high up on a mountain,

breathing in crystal-clear air,

and surrounded by peace and darkness

with no street or city lights …

… it is winter,

and here in the Klein Karoo,

it rains.

Many of our night-time sessions have been too cloudy and too cold to go outdoors and star-gaze.

In fact, we were most disappointed to miss the renowned Perseid meteor shower when a cold front rolled in with thick clouds and rain.

Here are some websites on the Perseid meteors:

Here are some helpful, free star-gazing tools:

  • Free star chart/ planisphere for the southern hemisphere which includes 4 discs: brightest stars, complex constellations with names and lines, another complex constellations without labels & an indigenous constellation disc.  This free download also has constellation checklists (which will appeal the “tick the list” type of person) and simple,clear assembly and how-to-use instructions.
  • Another free planisphere  (remember to print out for either the northern or southern hemisphere)

We look forward to some clear nights soon and we will all bundle up really warmly, snuggle down and star-gaze.

Hope you enjoy the night sky too!


5 thoughts on “Stars & Night Sky

  1. There is a free program that is PHENOMENAL that you might want to check out – it’s Stellarium, and you can download it and see the sky as it is above you, with the pictures superimposed over the stars, to help. I use it all the time. And if you get a feel for where things are, now, you’ll be all set for Comet Ison, in November. 🙂


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