Bruegel’s “Hay Harvest”

This is our 2nd week art appreciation of our Famous Artist Bruegel the Elder and we looked at ~

Hay Harvest

The Hay Harvest

We viewed wonderful color plates in the “Bruegel” art book by the Colour Library of Art borrowed from our local library.

They also display several enlarged selections from the main painting.  We enjoyed looking back at the original to find where these smaller focused areas appeared.

Some of these selections made wonderful art works of their own.

My youngest daughter especially liked the focused area of the three peasant women in the  “Hay Harvest” which she traced by herself, and which I then enlarged on my printer.

Bruegel's Hay Harvest

Miss.L11 used pastels for her first attempt at the art work and she was unhappy with the results.

She then tried her second picture with water-color paints and was very satisfied!

Bruegel 002

As I’ve shared before, an art appreciation lesson does not require any actual art activity.  Charlotte Mason encouraged detailed observation.

We often enjoy simple oral narrations, but many of our art activities are  spontaneous, as with this painting.

I love the child-led interest.

And why not? We are building an amazingly rich mental art gallery!


4 thoughts on “Bruegel’s “Hay Harvest”

  1. Lovely and inspiring! Bruegel’s paintings have such wonderful detail! What a good idea to try tracing a part of a painting and then coloring it yourself! We tried this once some time ago with an Audubon painting of rabbits and we all enjoyed it – you’ve inspired me to try it again. Thank you!!


  2. Hi! I have just happened upon your website and am so enjoying it. Thank you for your homeschooling inspiration and free materials. I’m wondering if you are going to add Bruegel to your “famous artist” section on the blog (wall card, lap book, etc…)? I’m trying to decide which artists to teach this next year and am considering him…. but would love to use your resources!!


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