Hear and Here


Moms seem to give birth to silent guilt.

Homeschool moms seems to amplify that guilt.

Usually any sentence (or even a thought) that starts with “… should have …” is not from God.

He is always “I am.”

Here and now.

He speaks through mercy and grace … continually.

And a listening soul can hear His Words, like whispers, like thoughts.

When I look at myself, or my marriage, or my children with guilt, I usually start to plan, organize, manage, manipulate …

but my attempts bring more striving,

less peace, less rest, more distress …

… until, at last, I give up,

… surrender

and listen 

The Lord’s ways are perfect, simple.

His answers are in Him, not in me.

And He wants to work in me, through me, by faith.

He loves me to start right here and now.

So, as I look back over the past week, or month and see all the things we “should have done” for homeschool, all the character issues still looming and unresolved, all my efforts merely complicating things,

it is a relief to give up, surrender, breathe, and wait on the Lord.

He encourages me with a simple starting point, one thing …

… for me, or my marriage, my kids, or my mission as mom and our homeschooling.

Nothing too complex, nor too far into the future, just a simple word for here and now.

May you be encouraged as you find a moment to listen,

hear the Father’s still, small voice,

and His plan for you for now,

right here.

Blessings and have a wonderful weekend,

17 thoughts on “Hear and Here

  1. Thank you, Nadene, for these encouraging words. This hit home for me in so many ways. I have three daughters but only homeschool the youngest. My oldest is a Junior in High School and lately I’m feeling so many regrets for things not done, character flaws not worked on enough, time not spent together, and the list goes on. My middle daughter is a Freshman and she used to be the one who was so centered, so neutral, and would love to spend time with me. Now, well – she’s a typical teen and sometimes not so kind; which makes me feel sad and guilty. “Didn’t I spend enough time with them?” “Was I not a good role model for them?” And finally, my 10 year old who I do homeschool: she has Tourette Syndrome and multiple comorbid issues and learning is sometimes very challenging. I’m transitioning to a more Charlotte Mason type teaching and the more I read, the more I am filled with those voices, “You should have done this all along!” “You should have focused more on (fill in the blank)” “How will she ever get ‘caught up’?” Last night I woke up and could not fall back asleep because I just kept mulling everything over in my mind. The sentence you wrote about looking at yourself, your homeschool, etc. with guilt makes you want to organize, plan, etc. really resonated with me because that’s what I’ve been so focused on the last couple of months. I always feel like nothing I do is working so I keep trying new things. I need to take more to God and take on less myself. Thank you again, and God Bless you and your family.


  2. Thank you for this post! I saw it this morning, and WOW … I needed the reminder so much that He is “I AM” When we can stay focused on that fact, everything else falls into perspective. As Wife/Mom/Homemaker/Teacher/Chauffeur/Nurse, etc etc etc we (I) tend to think sometimes it’s all up to me to make everything right and good for everyone. When I keep my focus on I AM, HE gives me the strength to do those things HE has called me to do. And when my focus is on HIM, I can realize I don’t have to make anything right or good – in fact I cannot make things right or good except through HIM. Thank you for the reminder!!


  3. What a wonderful post and blessings to you for you hit the nail on the head. I sometimes get so busy with working on the computer that I forget that even though I have relaxed the schoolwork for the time being, i am still across the room and he is sitting alone in the living room watching TV because he know he needs to play alone quietly and/or watch TV quietly. It made a bit sad to realize that I have been so selfish. thank you.


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  5. Thank you Nadene, for this encouraging post! It spoke so true to my heart!

    I have been a follower of Practical Pages for some time n I am so grateful for the wonderful resources you so generously share, your transparent journey w God in homeschooling, n the godly encouragement you lift us up with time n again!


  6. Crying! Exactly the words for my heart today…after falling asleep last night chastizing myself over the timeline that never happened, the lapbooks that could have been a perfect year-end showcase and review if we’d done them, the writing that has stalled out…and the list continues. Now I’m “giving up, surrendering, breathing and waiting — for HIM”. (and printing this out!!!)


    • @Cathy, I’m so glad I wrote these private words … and that they ministered to you too.
      There is always so much we wish we could have done that fell by the wayside, but we will never be able to do it all. Trust the Lord to show you what was really important, what He nudges you to focus on, and simply trust Him. Blessings as you wait on Him.


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