Sketch Tuesday ~ Summer Fun

This week’s Sketch Tuesday‘s theme is

Summer Fun!

But our winter has started here in South Africa …

our warm AGA stove is burning …

darkness creeps in earlier each week …

we all enjoy hot soups and hearty stews …

But, not so long ago, we were swimming in our dam!

Summer Fun 001

Summer Fun 002

See you at the slide show!


8 thoughts on “Sketch Tuesday ~ Summer Fun

  1. gosh! your AGA is already on? Our house is already getting cold, but we have not put ours on yet, I think I need to get ours going again ,Ive missed the warmth.


    • @Carle, so few South Africans appreciate the seasonal joy of an AGA stove! It really changes the pace and feel of our home and my cooking – it is the soul of our home during winters!


  2. Do your younger kids get frustrated when they are not drawing at the same level as the older kids? How do you handle that? Thanks, I enjoy your blog.


    • @Crystal, great question! It is sometimes helpful to do a tutorial or warm-up activity with everyone. We all copy step-by-step and learn new techniques or skills. Then there is time for personal interpretation or application. Everyone’s tutorial art looks similar, but each artist’ individual art is unique.
      When learning a new art medium, everyone usually feels insecure to start. Some may love it, some may struggle, some discover things in the process, others just want the picture to look ‘right’ and it is not an age-thing. Some do art quickly, others linger over their work. Some want to add more, others want to abandon work. It is different for everyone every week.
      My encouragement to each child is to recognize and notice how they have applied the new skills/ art medium to their work. I encourage personal discovery and expression and everyone’s art should look different from everyone else!
      Hope this helps! Blessings, Nadene


  3. we are in the uk. Love the sketches. Suspect your winter is behaving better than our ‘spring’ (this year is more an extension of winter!)


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