New chalk pastels!

Last week we did our first chalk pastel tutorial

and I realized our pastel set was under-stocked and inadequate.

So I splurged on 2 sets –

a 24 set of chalk pastels


& my waited-so-long-on-my-wish-list set of pastel pencils!


When I put both sets out

and opened a new Hodgepodge chalk tutorial ~

Wind in the Tree

EVERYONE joined!

My older girls seldom do art with us,

but the new array of beautiful colors drew them closer …


and we all enjoyed a relaxing time with our pastels.




(The pastel drawings done from top to bottom by 10-year-old, 13-year-old, 18-year-old and me.)  

Several of us did a 2nd pastel picture not shown here.

Thanks Tricia for making our first lessons so easy!

Here are some pros and cons of chalk pastels ~

Pros ~

  • bright colors
  • covers a large area with very little effort or work
  • layers of colors can cover up ‘mistakes’ or smudges
  • limited colors layered on each other produces new shades and tones
  • blending with finger or paper nub makes beautiful shading
  • quick lessons because you can’t ‘work it too much’

Cons ~

  • smudges easily
  • lack of fine detail frustrate some kids
  • can become messy if not careful
  • chalk pieces break very easily
  • some popular colors are often finished before most the other colors

Even if you only have a small set, or limited time, go ahead and try a chalk tutorial!


9 thoughts on “New chalk pastels!

  1. So inspiring Nadene! I’m trying to talk my 8yrold son into giving this a go. He’s not very artistic cause he was ‘demolished’ by a former school teacher.But I’m trying to show him the positive side of art & your work here is getting good ‘nods’ from him! So I think we’re headed in the right direction! God bless !!! xx


  2. This makes my heart SING! That the chalk pastels pulled your older children to the table, that you did another picture after these beautiful trees. All topped off with a pros and cons list. Clapping over here. And sending thanks for sharing!


    • @Tricia, you’ve joined my singing! Thanks for your encouragements and the easy and uncomplicated way you and Nana present chalk pastels and art lessons for the whole family! Blessings!


  3. It’s beautiful! I am absolutely amazed again by one theme shown in so many facets. I also love the way you wrote the page with the photos of the pastels, the pictures and the pro’s and con’s list at the bottom. Those pastel colours do look inviting, I’ll put it on the wishlist for when my boys’ grips on their pencils, crayons, etc. slackens off a bit…


    • @Elizevdm, thank you for your kind comments 😉 We have had our small pastel set for years and years, so it is a good investment to buy a nice set!


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