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My 10-year-old loves our daily Parables minibooks.

She enjoys reading the full, MKJV scriptures in each booklet by herself,

and then narrate the parable back to me.

We have wonderful discussions

and she amazes me with her spiritual insights.

Most of all, she loves to add some things to each minibook  ~

a patch on old cloth,


some seeds,


a few grains of yeast,




a pearl,


some netting and some colored fish,


a fluffy lamb

P1160232Her simple delight in these little “add on’s” is a reminder that

young children love the concrete, hands-on activities.

My child’s inspiration has transformed her ‘ordinary’ Bible Notebook pages

into something unique and special!

I am a facilitator to her creativity.

Her notebook pages may turn out quite differently to the way I imagined them,

and that is precisely how it should be ~

HER own!

How do your children make their Bible Study personal?


10 thoughts on “Parable Minibooks

    • @Jane, you could look at some Google images of weeds in wheat here or find some dandelion or common weed seeds in the garden and glue these over a picture of wheat. Discuss ideas with your child and let them decide how to present the idea visually.


  1. Hi Nadene, hope your days are blessed with laughter, happiness and the peace of our Lord Jesus! Your constant giving and sharing are a testimony of your diligent service to our Lord and the homeschooling community! thank you sooooooooooo much for these parable Lapbooks.They came just in time! xx


  2. You are such a creative lady and it makes me want to homeschool all over again. I am using these for my granddaughter. Thanks so much!


  3. thanks. that one helps. now that i open it again it shows that one. how about the heads on the notebooking pages? thanks so much!


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