Who I am In Christ

My young teenager needs to know who she is in Christ.

Knowing these promises will empower her to stand in faith and grow in grace.

40 days of focus is God’s way of establishing new understanding and establishing solid relationship with the His Words, His Ways and His Will.

So I created this 40-day Bible Study ~

Who I am in Christ 40 days

40-day calendar with promises and scripture references

Who I am in Christ scriptures

Full MKJV scripture verses for each promise

You are welcome to download your free Bible Study pages ~

Who I am in Christ 40 days ~ A 40-day calendar

Who I am in Christ ~ with full MKJV Bible verses


May I please add ~ The Word of God is living and able to change us.  We all need to know these promises, so feel free to use this for any age or group.  This calendar is not a strict 40-day schedule, but rather to use it to focus on 40 amazing promises.  It could also be used as a prayer calendar.

12 thoughts on “Who I am In Christ

  1. Thank You so much Nadene for sharing this! I work with the Young Women at my church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, here in Bahrain and this month we are focusing on Individual Worth. What you and your daughter have shared it just perfect for helping them better understand their worth.


    Nonnie King


  2. Wow Nadene, this is AWEOMSE!! I am a firm believer too of the power of God’s word especially in our precious children! Hannah my eldest (11) struggles with her identity and we have given her verses just like this! It’s such an important tool for their whole being!!
    Thanks heaps for sharing such a wonderful resourse!! 🙂
    God bless you lovely lady and your family!
    Smiles SHarnee 🙂


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