Sketch Tuesday Shoes


What a great topic for this week’s Sketch Tuesday!

Here’s what Miss.L10 sketched ~

shoes 001

I love her pen and pencil detail and the painted background.

My sketch is really my rough drafts of different angles of my sandal …

shoes 002

In the end I penned over the different angles and painted the background.  Maybe I should sketch again try one angle in close-up detail?

Which one would you chose?

If you haven’t done your sketch this week, go on, take out your favorite shoe and sketch it!

Enjoy your weekend!  See you at the slideshow!


2 thoughts on “Sketch Tuesday Shoes

  1. Hi Nadene,

    It was so lovely to see your sketches of your sandal!

    You have actually inspired me too to submit sketches every week. I include my shoe for you, just for fun. Also one of my pictures in Pastel from the Drakensburg. How wonderful to express God’s given beauty through the talents He gave us. See below your mail the attachments.

    Helga Henery
    Granny from Durban hooked on your practical pages and more.


  2. I would chose the top left picture with the buckle. Or maybe the bottom left, then you could pencil in things like the wear tear from your foot and toes and other small details. So many choices! Be sure to let us know which choice you make!


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