Sketch Tuesday ~ Orange

This week’s Sketch Tuesday theme is ~

Something Orange

Once again we enjoyed our Fine Arts Friday – our favorite day of the week!

It is a gentle schooling day … with Bible time covering a Parable minibook from our Free Parables Lapbook, then a quick spelling test, which Miss.L did on Spelling City this week as I was busy with one of my other children.

We relaxed, and thoroughly enjoyed our Art Appreciation, focusing on Michelangelo’s La Pieta.

English: Michelangelo's Pietà in St. Peter's B...

Michelangelo’s Pietà in St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican.

We marveled at Michelangelo’s brilliance at creating the intricate folds in Mary’s clothes and the seeming heavy and floppiness of Jesus’ dead body.  Miss.L dictated her thoughts, feelings and observations on our Famous Artist Biography page.  I loved our emotional identification to the statue’s name meaning “pity” because we felt a real sorrow looking at Mary.  Her hand which is held out and palm up speaks so much … surrender, perhaps even confusion, silent pleading?

Our Famous Composer this month is Chopin. I re-played some tracks of The Story of Chopin in Words and Music by VOX Music Masters and we listened to one or two of Chopin’s waltzes.

We had already discussed our sketch ideas for the new theme on Tuesday when we read Barb’s post on Tuesday.

I wanted to do something different.  (My eldest daughter remarked that many of my pen sketches look the same 🙂 )  I did a soft pencil sketch on orange paper ~

orange 001

Miss.L10 abandoned her initial ideas and did her own thing.  She wanted to color-in her pen sketch, but lost confidence and gave up.  She said it wasn’t “orange” enough to submit to Sketch Tuesday.  I suggested that we scan it and do something on Picasa to make it orange.  She felt better once it looked like this ~

orange 002There are days where doing art is comfortable, relaxing.  Some days are a struggle.  And there are days where we are just unable to create.

For me, it is the process of simply drawing or painting or sketching that is lovely.  The results are often not as pleasing.  But that is not important.

I encourage you to let your child simply “do art” and not worry about presenting a final art work.  I always ask my kids if I can post their work on my blog.  They often say yes, but if they are insecure, we simply file it in our notebooks.

Have a wonderful weekend and see you at the slide show!


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