Sketch Tuesday ~ Coffee Mug

Barb gave us this week’s theme ~

Coffee Mug

It’s our Fine Arts Friday – our favorite day of the week!

Grab a cup of coffee and join us …

Smell the fresh coffee beans lying on my tray … my coffee mug still-life waiting to be sketched …

I am reading the story of Michelangelo by Diane Stanley aloud.

Even my 13-year-old high schooler stops working on her physical science lesson, and listens …

Then I play The Story of Chopin in Words and Music by VOX Music and we all listen to Chopin’s biography and the music of this famous composer fills our room …

and we all sketch …

Miss.L10 sketched her mug and used water-color pencils and colored her sketch.

coffee mug 001

Miss.K13, pencilled this sketch.  coffe mug 001She was very casual about spending Fine Arts time with us.

I love Charlotte Mason’s approach in our homeschooling, and even though both my high schoolers have “opted out” of our fine arts and nature study, I sense that because they are immersed in a rich atmosphere of classical music and fine arts, they appreciate it … even if it is expressed casually … like today!

I penned my sketch, adding details as the Chopin CD draws to the mug 002

Ah … coffee, great art, beautiful classical music … and sketching.

What a wonderful Friday!

See you at the slide show!


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