Nature Journals ~ Karee Tree

This month’s Outdoor Hour Challenge theme is


We studied the Karee tree just outside my bedroom window.  I sketched it one afternoon.

This week we examined the leaves and bark of the same tree.

Miss.L10 took paper and made some bark rubbings and picked some leaves to bring inside.

We used the bark rubbing as part of the background for the nature journal page.

I suggested that we try to make “negative” leaf rubbings – place the leaf on top of the page and rub over the edge of the leaf creating an outline of the leaf.  I filled my page with these shapes.  the little lines created a lovely texture.

Then I sketched the leaves, painted them and outlined the details. 

A few short, descriptive notes and my journal page was complete.

MissL.10 enjoyed a similar approach.

I have found so much nature journaling inspiration at Jane’s ~ Sketchbook and lots more on Pinterest.

Join in the Outdoor Hour Challenges.


2 thoughts on “Nature Journals ~ Karee Tree

    I love your Karee pic. We are doing an awareness day for Arbor day this Saturday.
    I can’t seem to find many SA trees to print and hvae available for the kids to color in.
    Are you able to help me at all…please


    • @tanya, we lost our Trees of South Africa reference book, so we simply use Google and Wikipedia for reference now. You should be able to find some posters or books at educational book shops.


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