Freedom Homeschooling Brings?

Would these be good reasons to homeschool?

  • provide intimate learning relationship between children & parents
  • nurture a child’s love to learn

    a unique hollow log “garden” with wild flowers, moss and mushrooms that my 12-year-old created one afternoon

  • maintain a “one-life” unity of life & learning
  • encourage spiritual discipleship
  • nurture character mentorship
  • do school in pajamas, or comfy clothes
  • start school as early or as late as suits you and your family
  • do short official school lessons – sometimes 5 to 10 minutes!
  • finish all school work after just a few hours of work
  • lazily read under a tree or snuggled up on a couch instead of filling in workbooks
  • focus on arts, creativity and “non-essential” subjects
  • progress in maths, spelling and writing at their own pace
  • it is tailor-made for each child
  • meets the dynamic needs of the children as they develop
  • live free of peer-pressure, bullying and labelling
  • allow children to be unique and different
  • express unusual and unpopular thoughts and views
  • focus on life skills, family business, hobbies, and entrepreneurial activities rather than grades and standards
  • reduce stress – no need to drive through pre-school traffic
  • save on costs – no school fees, fund-raisers, uniforms, long stationary lists

    nurturing a baby wild hare rescued in the fields

  • eat healthy food instead of school lunches
  • house-cleaning, cooking, baking, gardening, chores and routine is all part of school
  • encourage a new creative flair and foster a passion or interest
  • provide the opportunities for entrepreneurship and young businesses
  • provide and nurture relationships with all ages, all types of people
  • become missions-orientated
  • connect with community and the needy
  • get involved with church, ministry or charity

Yes!  All these and more!

I see most of these homeschooling choices as the freedom that homeschooling brings.

When the kids are small, it makes perfect sense to homeschool. And it is fun, free-style and fabulous!

Over the past few years we have had to change our homeschool emphasis as we navigate the High School years.  There are now time and subject requirements.  Learning takes longer, and lessons are more academic.  My high school children have to learn how to study for and write exams.

My role changed from the mom-learning-alongside in discovery and delight, to the tutor-mom.

I now focus on specific subjects with my high school children, teaching maths, or geography or subjects that are more academic.

Generally my high schoolers manage their learning and work quite independently.  I sometimes feel nostalgic. I long for those warm, intimate learning days.

So enjoy the early years!

Take your time!

Look for tadpoles and watch butterflies.

Read, read, read aloud.

Do art, singing and poetry.

Make the time for the fine arts.

Go on educational outings, take trips, plan those picnics.

Enjoy your homeschooling!

What freedoms do you enjoy most in your homeschooling? Feel free to share in the comments.


This post was written and submitted for the upcoming South African Carnival of Homeschooling’s topic ~ ‘Beyond Homeschooling

20 thoughts on “Freedom Homeschooling Brings?

    • @Patrizia, isn’t it sad that we need to remind ourselves? Most homeschooling days are the reward in themselves, but there are times when we have TLP ~ Temporary Loss of Perspective! 🙂


  1. Ahhhhh, I love all the above reasons to homeschool. Please feel free to spread the word, if anyone is interested in their reasons being printed into my homeschool book titled “Great Reasons to Home School”. They can find out more on my facebook page or can send me a message via facebook. I love the freedom homeschool brings and I love the fact we can balance work and play however we like or NOT balance it and totally tip the scales and play play play. Some weeks are all socialising and at other times we may have a few days of full-on book work. We totally mix up our days and still we fill every second and minute enjoying each other. I am starting to get very sad deep within, knowing there may only be about 3-4 more years left of this wonderful feeling before I have a teenager and all the dynamics change. I am so blessed and grateful to have been able to keep our close bond that may have been severed by sending her to school and making her grow up and be independent too soon. There are still many ways we can nurture their independence while keeping them young and cuddly for as long as possible. I love your page and all your gorgeous art ideas Nadene. HOME’S COOL!

    Kym Fullerton
    Great Reasons to Home School


    • @Kym, Your days sound wonderful! I remind myself that every day is a precious gift from the Lord and I am so grateful that I can spend it with those I love the most – my family!


  2. This is wonderful, Nadene.

    Although our littlest one has chosen to attend some subjects in public school (it’s hard to have band when you’re the only little guy left at home!) we still love the joy of learning whatever we want, and having school whenever we want it. He has learned that learning happens all the time, and not just in certain buildings. You have captured it all in your post. Be blessed!


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  4. I love the choices homeschooling offers….if something doesn’t work…change it…and if it does go with it! I love it when my son drives the learning process and I’m there to watch and nurture his interests. Now that he’s 13 years old, I facilitate and present an opportunity for him to learn something new each day or review and master something old because we can always learn something new. I’m also learned to take things easy and just enjoy him and the process…we don’t rush through things anymore! We are no longer in a hurry to get anyway fast 😉


    • @Latino Memphis, Your story is such a confirmation and encouragement to new homeschool parents who may feel that they have to keep up with schools and schedules. To take it slow, be relaxed and target in to the child’s needs and ability are wonderful benefits and freedoms! Be blessed!


  5. I wish i hadn’t pushed the academics so much when they were younger and had more opportunities for them to discover nature and the world. Thank you for a lovely post though – reminds me of why we’re homeschooling!


    • @Kathy, yes, my first homeschool year was just so stressful. I tried to do it all! Perfectly. It was rough. I’m glad though, because it really forced me to re-evaluate and choose much more selectively! Keep enjoying your children and their love to learn!


    • @Homemakingwithheart, I know that I am getting older – I tell total strangers, moms I bump into in the shops, to love and enjoy their children’s young years! It is all so different when they get older. Wonderful, but different!


  6. In my head I understand what you are saying, but my mind just doesn’t think that way. I think I told you something to that account a little while back. It is a blessing to home school and I do so enjoy learning from and teaching our two growing blessings different scholastic subjects. More that that, I love it when they ask questions about God and His inspired word. That warms my heart. The days are long and I am thankful. Yes, even in the winter, they are long into the dark hours. *smile* God is faithful to provide us with more than we require so I will relish the time I get and will do my best to help them both achieve spiritual understanding, scholastic knowledge, and homemaking and keeping up of what one is blessed with along the way. Thank you, once again for the encouragement in the area of the arts, I appriciate it. *smile* Sincerely, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!


    • @Blessings, your spiritual reasons are at the core and foundation of chosing to homeschool, as we do. It forms the basis from which all the rest should flow. My hubby often gives me such balanced spiritual perspective and saves me from some of my best and worst “teacher” efforts!


      • I love that! My beloved best friend, my husband, is a wonderful leading in our home too. Not to mention his amazing teaching abilities for all three of us. *smile* It is by God’s grace that we are able to homeschool and it’s by that same grace that the children will learn what they need to know to provide for themselves and possibly their family when the time comes, as well as to be a lovely helpmeet. *smile* There is so much we simply can’t teach them that I just try to take on what we are able to do and pray God works through us as we try to do it in a way that pleases Him. That’s not to say “my way is perfect” quite the opposite, I fail just like everyone esle, but it is to say that by God’s grace the chidlren will learn. *big smile* Thank you for making time to reply to my comment. I enjoy meeting and getting to know new e-friends. *smile* Sincerely, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!


  7. my favorite things about homeschooling is the freedom to watch my children learn and the freedom taylor their education to suit their needs. I know I can find the best way for them to learn. I have that freedom in a way a public school never could.


    • @Twisted Cinderella, aren’t those delightful moments the best? I’m so glad I can sit with my young kids and laugh and cuddle as we learn. Times of affection and enthusiastically watching them discover new ideas and things are the real rewards, aren’t they?


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