Matisse’s Goldfish

This is our third week of looking at the famous Fauvist artist ~

Henri Matisse

We enjoyed a lovely simple art appreciation lesson ~

The Goldfish

I used Charlotte Mason’s approach and asked Miss. L10 to look closely at the picture for a few minutes.  Then she tried to describe the picture with as much detail that she could …

… the tall cylindrical shape of the gold-fish bowl

… the number and color of the fish

… the reflection of the fish in the surface of the water

… the pink round table

… the blue railings on the balcony

… the leaves and flowers of the flower pots

… the black  and grey background

She and I happily painted the outline picture that I traced.

We took our time and listened to our Famous Composer Tchaikovsky as we painted.

Miss. L10’s painting

A simple, relaxed art appreciation lesson.

My painting

Will you give it a try?  Here are Matisse’s famous quotes, some art works and the Goldfish outline ~

Henri Matisse paintings & quotes & Goldfish outline


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