Not Working Out?

This could be every homeschool mother’s nightmare ~


~ a mis-match

~ a curriculum ‘non-fit’

~ children have different learning styles & approach doesn’t work

~ curriculum doesn’t suit the mom’s teaching style

~ blank stares & yawns

~ rolling eyes and groans

~ tears?

~ tantrums?

~ just not working for your family?

~ run out of time

~ finished the books but still have months ahead ‘to fill’

~ not the right pace

~ no ‘sparkle”

~ does not ignite the child’s passion, interest or involvement

Over my 14-or-more years of homeschooling I have been blessed. Sincerely.

Each year as I plan, prepare and purchase my new curriculum, I always pray.  And most of the past years it has worked almost without any of the above “dreads”.

But, this year homeschool has not found a “sweet spot” in my 12-year-old’s life.

She seems to be going through the motions.

No fire.

No spark.


Dull, dead, boring days. [sigh]

I think that it is a combination of many of the factors I listed above.

I pray and consider ~

  • slog on and complete the year in December
  • abandon some subjects
  • supplement dull/ unfortunate subjects with new books/ supplementary material
  • change or add new methods/ approaches

It helps to recognise the seasons and stages in your children’s lives.

Many homeschool issues are life and character issues.

The Lord reminds me to pray and trust Him for grace.

Grace to let go of the “perfect”, the “diligent”, the “right” and to accept His ways.

His ways are always surrender, rest and peace.

May this post encourage other moms who may also be struggling to make things work.


9 thoughts on “Not Working Out?

  1. It is my first year of homeschooling. I’ve hit everything on the list more than once, except for “finished the books but still have months ahead ‘to fill” -part. As per my curriculum, I’m actually behind!
    I’m tired, no, exhausted and don’t exactly know what to do next.
    I guess I have a whole lot more to learn!
    Oh, and I have less than two years left before my oldest turns 12 ! 🙂


    • @Karen, big {{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}} from me! My first year of homeschooling was sooooo stressful and I made every possible mistake in the book! It still remains difficult for me to stop trying too hard.Despite my best and worst efforts, my children have grown, learnt and seem to thrive! That can only be the Lord’s grace and mercy!


  2. There is also the hormones and changes in the body to consider when things seem to be going so smoothly and then not all of a sudden. More exercise, food, fresh air etc. More laughter and fun outings. More one-on-one special conversations about growing up. I have had an easy 6 years homeschooling myself and am very grateful. However, we both hit a rough patch for a few months between 9-10 years of age. It didn’t seem to be related to the schooling at all. I decided we needed more cuddles and reading on the sofa and walks in the park and things settled down quite quickly. xox


    • @Kym, Thank you so much for your kind and sensible, practical (which I always love!) advice! I am certain that I cannot homeschool her the way I have been doing up till now, and I am praying, planning and looking for next year’s approach. You have shared such lovely ways to move through this transition. Thanks again for your encouragement.


  3. Well said again Nadene! Sometimes it is the developmental stage or life phase…. and has nothing to do with our schooling, curr., or delivery.

    I also once heard someone talk about the brain changes that occur between 10 and 13 years of age (and how cognitive expansions can be exhausting to experience-literally a drain and tiring) I called it the 12-year- old funk! lol


    • @Yvette, thanks for your explanation! I didn’t even think of cognitive changes. It would explain how she feels and how her approach to expressing thoughts and ideas may have changed. I so appreciate your encouragement!


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