Decorated Frames

Friends visited us for a week during our winter school break.

While we sat through a rainy spell, the older girls asked to do a craft.

We decided to use a few old frames lying in a box.

I wanted them to make this a special frame,

decorated with things found on the farm.

It could be made into something useful;

with hooks or wire or mesh to hang jewelery on,

or simply a pretty memento of the time together.

Miss. T made a jewelry frame as a gift.

First she painted the wooden frame in a lovely light teal green, left it to dry and then scraped off some paint to create a distressed look.

She covered the back of her frame with some lace and fabric off-cuts that she sewed together and ironed flat.

Then she pulled the material over the hard board back and taped it down.

She used a piece of rusty old chicken mesh to cover half of the material.

Now she secured the frame to the back.

She glue-gunned some dried rose buds she had in her stash to one side of the frame,

added some interesting pieces of lichen she found on an old tree,

and completed her frame with 3 brass hooks which she embellished with some buttons and ribbon.


Her friend, Miss. C, found a lovely picture of a heart and a crown in a Christian magazine as her inspiration.

We made a colour-copy of the original.

She spent some time embellishing the picture with pen, glitter and then glued some crumpled brown paper edging.

As she felt that her frame was a little narrow, she wrapped her rusty mesh over the sides of the frame.

She found some rusty tin which we carefully snipped to form a heart.

Her mom had crocheted a cotton heart and Miss. C attached the hearts to her mesh with the same thread.


Both frames were so unique.

What a lovely rainy-day craft.

Pop over to my project pages for more crafty inspiration!


2 thoughts on “Decorated Frames

  1. They appear to be so many textures all in one spot. It’s interesting because I have looked at this post and the previous one a few times now and have thought something different each time. *smile*
    The skull and rose thing was something that took me back to when I was a girl living in Phoeniz Arizona. I never did find the attriactive, but I remember they were common place there. Kind of like blue and white china gracing the shelves and almost any free decorative place in my mom’s – by word only – adopted mom’s place in Northern California. *smile* Things just take me back. *smile*
    These frames take me to an antique shop or a beach house. And the textures get me thinking how with each person there are many different things that make them up. Lets start with the frame, we all have that part that we share with everyone, it blends in with almost any back drop and we are…human. *smile* Then in some you have harts of different materials, this reminds me that some of us wear our heart for all to see while others keep them hidden within, some are fragial and others are tough. Then there’s the chicken wire, that can be seen as a protective thing or a guard against others who come at us like chicken hawks come at chickens. *smile* Just some thoughts on your crafts and the different things that can be see in them. *big smile* Well, anyways, have a great day and thanks for making the time to read my silly thoughts. Sincerely, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!


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