Kitchen Connections

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My daughters are learning home-making

and cooking

is one of the most important skills.

Recently, when I went away for 9 days, my young ladies proved just how well they are managing in the kitchen!

And my stepson is an excellent cook!  He often steps in and cooks up a fabulous meal.

Over the years I have tried several approaches:

  1. “Watch – Do – Teach”  Basically it works like this = My girls watch the technique or skill I am showing them, then they do the same activity while I observe them and then they must teach the cooking lesson to one of their siblings.
  2. Menu plan and make the meal – We all brainstorm and suggest ideas for lunches and dinners for the week.  They then choose any main meal or lunch to prepare on their own.
  3. One-on-one with mom – Each daughter spends one day assisting or cooking with me for the day each week.

But I really love to have the whole family and visitors join in to cook or bake together in the kitchen!

In fact I often plan meals with this in mind when we have friends visit and stay over at our farm.

These are my favorite cooking connections:

We all make pizzas.  Everyone cuts, slices, grates cheese, pips olives, spreads the pizza bases … and then we all cover the pizzas with a delightful variety of toppings.  Delicious and fun!

Another good meal for everyone to join in is a stir-fry.  There can all help prepare the food: cut and slice veggies, slice and dice meat and mix sauces. The actual stir-fry is also a big communal event as everyone clusters around the fry plates and stirs and fires!

Many a soup dish or stew is a great family effort.

Children love to bake. Biscuits are fun to do with kids of all ages.  They love rolling, cutting, coating balls, flattening with forks, sprinkling with toppings … and of course, nibbling titbits along with all the trimmings.

What about these ideas to bring cooking into your children’s lives?

  • Buy a really good cookbook to stir some new excitement in a young new mini-chef’s cooking.
  • Buy quality cooking utensils and equipment for their birthdays.
  • Watch excellent cooking programs.
  • Start a cook/ bake class with your homeschool group.
  • Join a cooking demonstration.
  • Ask a family member or neighbour to teach new skills.  A friend is teaching my girls how to make cheese. My mother-in-law’s neighbour used to be a chef and she loves to teach others.
  • Do a recipe-exchange and commit to making one new recipe each week.

What ideas do you have?  How do you inspire and teach your children to cook and bake?  Feel free to share in the comments.


This post was submitted to the SACH Carnival. Join us and see what other South African Homeschoolers are cooking up in this carnival’s theme “Kitchen Fun!”

6 thoughts on “Kitchen Connections

  1. Thank you for your posts…they inspire me. This year I am going to try a combination of cooking and handwriting! My 10 year old daughter desperately needs to improve her handwriting, and she loves to cook, so I decided to put them together. It is a five day schedule…day one – choose a recipe and make sure the ingredients are available…day two – make the recipe, be sure to follow directions and leave kitchen clean…day three – write down any changes you want to make for the recipe( different ingredients, half or double, etc.)…day four – copy out the recipe in your best handwriting…day five – decorate a page for your cookbook and put into a sheet protector and into the binder! She will be starting a cookbook of her favorite recipes and can add on over the next years!


  2. We are blessed with a seven year old boy and a five year old girl who both love to learn the art of homemaking. They have been in the kitchen with me many times, though I am sure not enough. *smile* Our son made his first breakfast of cinnomin flop one morning and his first batch of blueberry freezer jam this year. The best part was how excited he was in his success. *smile* Now to learn how to teach them to knit and embroider like they show they are interested in doing. *smile* All in good time, but they are showing interest so the thoughts are coming to the front of my mind. *smile* I am learning from people other than my mom so it’s a treat to have the opportunity to teach our two growing blessings .*smile* Sincerely, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!


  3. I smile as I read this as I love cooking good food with and for my family. I recently bought “Jamie’s 30minute meals” to work through with my children…not for the 30minute part but a)because I just love love love his cooking and b) I want to do more than just the basics with my kids after cooking for so many years with them. This book teaches about food combinations, countries of origin and how to put flavours together…so worth the money…hope my waistline can handle it!!


    • @Wendy, you are a shining example of a family growing, making, preserving and creating the most delicious food! I love your blog and recipes! Jamie’s books are an inspiration! Blessings, Nadene


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