Winter Break

I’ve been away from my blog these last 2 weeks

because …

my laptop died on the operating table …(sad sigh)

we’re on our winter school break … (relieved sigh)

visitors have filled our house … (happy smiles!)

I had hoped to start my normal routine this coming week,


our heaviest winter cold front this season rolled in on Friday

and our rivers are flooded,

our farm roads are impassable.

My older daughters are still away visiting friends who are also flooded in …

so, I guess there is no “normal” this week either …

until I can drive out to fetch them.

Until then,

Be blessed,


3 thoughts on “Winter Break

  1. It is very strange to hear someone post about a winter break when it has been in the triple digits at our house! Hope you are keeping dry and you are able to get into a routine soon!


  2. Where in the Karoo are you? Good luck with the cold and wet, hope you can fetch your girls soon. At least they are safe and sound. The cold front came over last night/early this morning. Lots of wind and cold, but we were nice and toasty in our beds.


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