I have been away.

I traveled alone.

I flew to visit my parents and to celebrate my mother’s 70th birthday.

We last saw each other 2 years ago.

This time with my mom and dad was a gift.

My darling hubby encouraged me before I left with this Word ~

“Treasure your time with your parents.  You each have been given a basket to collect precious moments and treasured memories.  We send you with our blessing.  Go and enjoy them.”

I wept with gratitude.

I had phoned my mom and told her that I would come with “open heart and willing hands“.

We baked and prepared for her party.

I helped her here and there.

But mostly I joined her life.

She’s so creative! 

She has busy hands and fills her days with inspired work.

Quilting, sewing, fabric painting, making gifts, making chocolates.

lots of quilting.
 She’s a physiotherapist with healing hands.

Her patients love her and need her to ease their pains.

Her birthday was a special day.  I met her neighbors, close friends, the marvelous ladies in her quilting group called “Always in Stitches” – and boy, do they laugh!

During the week she taught me the latest tricks of free-hand machine embroidery and paper-piecing quilting.

(I have lots to learn & practice!)

 A mini quilt made by sewing through a pattern ...

I loved every minute of my time with her.

We had good chats at the dinner table. 

We talked, remembered early times, laughed, cried, prayed.

Amazingly, my family back home thrived and survived without me! [smiles]

My daughters cooked, cleaned, did washing and ran the farm and did their household chores without my reminders.

My eldest sat for her mid-year exams on her own!

I am delighted. 

Life skills at work.

This kind of independence is good for growing young adults.

Consistency, routine and good habits have created those Charlotte Mason “railroad tracks” and days continued smoothly … while I was away.

Homeschooling works.

I am so grateful!

… Grateful for time and relationships.

… Grateful for grace to leave hubby and home.

… Grateful for children who released me despite their insecurities or fears,

despite exams and end-of-term pressure.

I am grateful to be able to be present where it mattered most.

And I am grateful to be back home,

Loved and belonging.

For family.



11 thoughts on “Away

  1. What an “awwwwww” story. Thanks for sharing some inspiration for those who have not quite made it the Charlotte Mason way. It is my hope and prayer that my boys will learn those life skills that I so poorly worked at developing. Now I am running out of time since one has graduated, one, who is to begin his senior year, has given me such a fit for several years in a row about my school choice for him that he has no ambition even when I use rewards and punishment;, a third son hates school too, but loves the outdoors. A fourth son simple has the worst of attitudes in any child I have seen. I am so unbelievably disappointed in myself and them that I don’t even know if I can handle much more home schooling without scarring them for life….if it’s not too late already. Then the hope only I have is my last son who is 11 and has a much more loving spirit than all the others. Though I continue to hope in a God who can change the most vilest of hearts, and do the right things even when I see no change or expect reward, it breaks my heart to see their lives running away from me instead embracing the things that are the most important.
    Thanks for listening.


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