You are Qualified to Homeschool!

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you do not need a degree,

teacher’s training

or special workshops

to equip you to teach your child.

God has equipped you.

He placed wonderful nurturing instincts in you.

He poured mother’s-love into your heart.

He gave you sight of every unique, special thing in your child.

He inspired you to prayerfully and graciously watch over His plan for your child.

What school teacher has this for your child?

Where can any training qualify you with these skills?

What curriculum package provides this?

What helps a new homeschool mom?

  • A supportive partner.  He does not have to actually teach, but should be aware and involved in the homeschooling.  My hubby is our “principal” and has the say on serious discipline issues and assists me when I am ‘drowning’, stressed, afraid or unsure.
  • A mentor. An older Christian mother (who may or may not have also homeschooled) can give amazing advice and counsel.  Make yourself vulnerable and accountable to her and keep in regular contact.
  • Good homeschool books. I often find the most wonderful inspiration and excellent heart-to-heart counsel from great books.  Visit my book list to see my recommendations.
  • A support group or co-op.  Join other homeschool moms and listen to their stories and advice.  You’ll quickly discover that your journey is much like theirs and they may have a few good tips and tricks to help you with problems or issues.
  • Websites & blogs. I have found so much help on the internet!  I have learnt about and been inspired in many of my Charlotte Mason principles and approaches though the blogs and websites.   Check out my link lists on my sidebar.
  • Curriculum forums.  If you purchase a formal curriculum, you are invited to join their forum.  You can find excellent and very practical help there.  I regularly visited the Sonlight forum in my first year of homeschooling.  I remember crying out for help on a specific issue and 2 parents wrote the most reassuring advice that same hour and saved my quaking heart!
  • Tutors.  For moms who fear teaching high school maths or any other technical or difficult subject, I advise a tutor.  It is good for a child to be accountable to a third-party.  High school subjects are sometimes challenging.  To avoid tears, tantrums, and trauma to the relationship, find a university student, a private teacher or another parent in the co-op to take the terror out of a subject.
  • Swap and share. Sometimes a co-op can save an entire subject!  Science experiments, nature study outings, physical exercise and training, art, second languages, music, drama and singing are all subjects other moms may assist.  You don’t have to do it all.  Invite the ‘arty’ mom to teach your kids art and crafts and offer to teach your strong subject. If there is no homeschool family or group available, seek out the local town groups for a short course.

Most moms worry and fret about high school, graduation on the outcomes 10 or more years away.  Fears about teaching maths, science and high school subjects often keeps moms from relishing and enjoying pre-school and primary school years with their children.

It is sad.

All those wonderful young, innocent children sent off to school for years of systems, social pressure and stress because mom was afraid of teaching reading or maths.

But it can be done.

I encourage you to find help along the way if you need it, but homeschool your children because you can.

I have met amazing moms and dads who have done a fantastic job educating their children at home.

They are available, involved and connected.

Usually they have good books, some have great curriculums, but most just explore and discover learning situations with their children.

What has helped you along your homeschool journey?  What qualified you to teach your children?  Please share your experiences and views in the comments.


15 thoughts on “You are Qualified to Homeschool!

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  7. 17 years in with our first child and I truly can say it was all about the Lord and the journey He knew was right for our family. He has been my strength, pillar and place of shelter. He is the one who guided and directed us to this place. Praise Him!


  8. I totally agree. We have to re-program even our own selves in order to say good-bye to all the old systems that are failing our children. What qualifies me and what I still stand on to today in order to finish the race? No one will advocate and go the extra mile for my children better than their parents. God qualified me and will ultimately hold me accountable for what my children know or do not know. Great post, thanks for the reminder. We all need it from time to time.


  9. It’s good to be reminded of these survival tips. I love getting advice from older hs moms, forums and support groups. HS is a big responsibility, and there are times when I feel overwhelmed but these tried and true tips along with prayer keep me going. Great post!


  10. What makes me qualified to teach my kids? The fact that I love them and I want to. Everything else can be worked out as you go along. Interestingly, a few acquaintances who were opposed to homeschooling in general decided it was okay for dh and I since we both had PhDs. Of course those degrees have been absolutely no help at all! Having 2 kids now at university the other thing I’d like to say is that all those things I’ve stressed about over the years have proved to be unfounded. Mums – trust in yourself, your kids and the process, and enjoy it. It will be over all too soon – I still can’t believe I’m only homeschooling two and not four!


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  12. Yes and yes! I totally agree. That is one of the hard things for me about homeschooling. Because I do have education degrees, people assume that I’m in a special category of moms who can home educate while the normal mom cannot. (Or there’s this stigma that anyone can homeschool elementary but not high school.)


    • @Jimmie, I found myself hopeless at my children’s junior primary teaching because my teaching qualifications focused on senior school! I had to learn skills just like every other “new” homeschool mom. Also, I think my worst fault in my early homeschool years was to “do school at home” rather than homeschool and I caused a lot of stress! I must say that teaching Grade 9 maths was hard, but now I have covered the basics and have some good books, I think I’m ready for my other children to roll onto high school maths! [smiles] And if I’m not able to tackle some of their high school subjects, we’ll just have to drive to town for sessions with a tutor.


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