Pollock Paintings

One of Namuth's many photos of Jackson Pollock...We have looked at Jackson Pollock’s art over the past few weeks and I thought we would have loads of fun with Pollock-inspired “action painting” of our own, but it did not happen.

Well, not on the floor, or on paper, or on a canvas.  Not with actual paint.

Not every art appreciation lesson ends with an art activity.

We viewed “action art” such as the dart-throwing at paint-filled balloons scene in the Princess Dairies DVD

and were stunned and amazed at Amy Shackelton’s Extraordinary Brush-less Paintings  at mymodernmet.co. Be sure to make time to view her video!

Finally, for fun, my kiddies entered jacksonpollock.org paint world and played mess-less-splashy-drippy-multi-layered digital art.




Here they suddenly realized that it is not

simple or easy

to splash paint until it looks like an art work.

There are aspects like





and movement.

And they each found that their Pollock art felt “right” at a certain point.

Yes, it is deceptively simple,

but still


How have you enjoyed Jackson Pollock’s art?  Please feel free to share your post links or suggestions here in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Pollock Paintings

  1. Hola somos de Lima, Peru hace unas semanas atras asistimos a un taller de pollock 🙂 estuvo excelente, mis hijos disfrutaron mucho y yo de expectadora encantada. Fue en el parque cerca al mar, mejor escenario imposible. Gracias por el post lo vamos a leer. Saludos y felicidades :9


  2. Fascinating post and right on time! We’ll be visiting our local museum this weekend and experience the dribble, splatter, splash in someone elses house (the Brooks Museum, of course) and not worry about clean-up or the occasional –oops! I’m excited and thank you for a great post!


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