Water Cycle Wonders

Another fun, yet educational hands-on activity we did recently was

a water cycle

Taking our cue from references we read about in our living history book, we looked at how rain forms and falls to form rivers and flow into the sea.

We made our own “rain~

Here’s how ~

  1. Take a large glass bowl and pour some water in it.
  2. Place an empty smaller glass bowl inside the big bowl.
  3. Cover the bowls with plastic cling wrap.
  4. Place a pebble in the center so that the cling wrap dips down slightly.
  5. Place the bowls in the sunshine and leave for several hours.
  6. Observe the water condense and form droplet on the inside of the plastic cling wrap.
  7. When large enough, the droplets fall into the smaller bowl = rain!

A fast demonstration of how water vapor condenses ~

  1. Hold a glass with a towel carefully over steam coming out of a boiling kettle spout.
  2. Observe water droplets forming inside the glass.  These droplets join and drip down and out off the glass.
  3. Parental note: Steam burns and this must be done by an adult or with careful supervision.

I created water cycle notebook pages with:

  • clear labeled diagram of the water cycle
  • circle table with labels and some pictures to cut and match

Here’s your free download~

Water Cycle Notebook Pages


6 thoughts on “Water Cycle Wonders

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  4. this is fabulous! i enjoy reading your posts though i have never commented before because it is hard to do though blogger, but you are an inspiration! keep up the inspiring work 🙂


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