Hands-on Knots

Young children love hands-on activities!

I am re-using our Footprints on our Land curriculum with my 9-year old.

This is a fabulous,


discover-history-through living-books,

read-aloud-cuddled-together-on-a-couch curriculum.

Every here and there in our stories, we delve off to investigate interesting topics.

Today we learnt,

along with the hero of our story,

a young stowaway,

how to do sailor knots.

With the help of my hubby who was once in the navy, oupa, a seasoned and experienced fisherman, and some printouts from the internet, we sat learning and tying knots.

We used a nylon rope to practice first because the knots were big and clear.  Then we practiced the knots with stiff sisal rope. And finally, made samples for our notebook page using wool.

We discussed how the knots could be best used in our everyday lives.

It was fun and practical!

Have you taught your children any fun/ practical hands-on skills?  Feel free to share with us in the comments.


11 thoughts on “Hands-on Knots

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  5. Hallo Nadene, although the boys and I haven’t started Footprints yet, or done knots, I know that is something my husband is looking forward to do with them. As child/teenager he was a Voortrekker (the youth group) and they learnt a lot of rope knots there! He still frequently uses some of the knots to tie down shade netting, umbrellas, etc. whenever he finds a need for a “good” knot!

    I bought him a book on knots a couple of years ago and in some instances they give examples of where in and around the house, some of the knots can be used. I am going to have to “revisit” that book soon.


  6. Hi Nadene, we have just finished our section on the Cape Dutch with the program. We are spending a week now catching up on all the hands on stuff…its going to be a fun week of school!


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