Draw Athletes for Sketch Tuesday

This week our Sketch Tuesday assignment was to draw an


Sketch Tuesday is an informal drawing activity.  We love to sketch and paint according to the weekly topic, without any lessons, advice, new techniques, instructions or suggestions.

Usually we discuss the topic and I ask them what springs to mind.  We chat about their ideas.  Sometimes we look for real life items to set up a still life, or we find some pictures or illustrations relating to the concepts.

Sometimes though, we try new art techniques or imitate other artists’ styles such as ~

This week we focused on drawing action figures for our athletes.

I used Mona Brookes’ Drawing with Children on page 182.  She describes the body as drawn in circles and tubes.

We looked at great examples of how to draw action figures.

We also used our wooden mannequin to show different poses.


We then drew our athletes ~

Have you joined Sketch Tuesday yet?  Keep it fun, keep it simple … or give a new style or technique a tweak!


5 thoughts on “Draw Athletes for Sketch Tuesday

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  3. Wow! Those are fantastic! Thank you for sharing how you tweak Sketch Tuesday. I’m hoping to add more art instruction to our days next year!


  4. Thank you for sharing Sketch Tuesday. It is becoming an indispensable part of our art & art appreciation curriculum. We are completing each assignment alongside you and adding them to our Notebooks. Thanks for all you do!


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