Contour Drawings ~ Sketch Tuesday

We often use our Sketch Tuesday assignments as an opportunity to try new art styles, techniques and mediums.

This week’s topic was

“Sketch something from the kitchen drawer”

We sketched ours modifying a technique known as

contour drawing

Cover of

In her art book “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” Betty Edwards defines a contour as an “edge as you perceive it”. 

Pure contour drawing is sometimes termed as “blind contour drawing entails close, intense observation as you draw the edges of a form without looking at the drawing while it is in progress”.

We modified our drawings by

  • still looking at the drawing (which was then not so difficult and strange)
  • keeping the pen (we did not use pencils) in constant contact with the paper throughout the drawing

Kitchen utensils lend themselves perfectly to contour drawings because they have interesting, different edges and shapes.

We selected 3 items from my drawer.  We had to join / and overlap them as we did not lift the pen off the page.

A pleasant, right-brain art activity!

How have you used Sketch Tuesday to develop your children’s art experiences?  Please share with us in the comments.


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