Scripture Prayer Calendar

Praying Mothers impact their children’s lives for the kingdom of God.  Over at Inspired to Action I downloaded Kat’s Inspired to Action Prayer Calendar for Mothers.

Each day focuses on ~

  • a specific spiritual character
  • followed by a mother’s prayer for her children
  • & scripture reference

Each day you pray for your child’s Salvation,  their Growth in Grace, Love, Honesty/ Integrity, Self-Control and many more qualities.

I have loved praying specifically each day, and wanted to read the scriptures each day too …

… so I created a Scripture Prayer Calendar which now stands on my desk.

My kids read it too, which is a real blessing.

To make your own Prayer Calendar  (with updates)

Download the files ~

  1. Print out on card stock
  2. Cut out each page
  3. Fold and glue the 2 front covers and 2 back covers together for extra strength
  4. Fold and glue the attaching piece to the inside bottom of the front & back covers
  5. Punch 2 holes at the top each page
  6. Insert rings and it’s done!
  7. Use it for your own devotions or take a quiet moment to read the scripture and pray together.

Do you pray specifically for your children?  Share with us in the comments.


I have published this with Kat’s permission at Inspired to Action and acknowledging her use of Bob Hostetler’s original prayer list.

22 thoughts on “Scripture Prayer Calendar

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  2. Thank you so much. I thank my Sunday school class is going to love this.
    This is perfect because I’m starting to teach my kids how to pray using the word of God.
    I cant thank you enough =)


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  4. Thank you Nadene. I have been doing Kat’s Morning Challenge, but the last week my boys had been waking up early with me, which made me realise that they need that quiet time just as much as I do. So now we read their bible stories early in the morning and this would be lovely to “finish off” with.


  5. Just wondering if other people’s calendars are coming out with a wonky font. Nadine, your font looks so pretty in the pictures, but when I open the PDF, the print is not the same. Any ideas on how to fix this?


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  7. Thank you so much! I love it!
    I was wondering if you could post just the template on word so it can be applied to other scriptures like 30 days of proverbs or such. I wanted to maybe use the template for words of affirmation…etc.
    Thank you again!


  8. Thank you so much for this Nadene! I’ve downloaded Kat’s calendar before, but it just wasn’t working for me (or I wasn’t putting in the effort…one or the other!).

    But this is pulls it altogether for me! It’s great 🙂


  9. How amazing God is. This morning I woke up convicted for my lack of diligent praying for my children. I train; I pray, but I have not been praying fervently like I should. We recently moved overseas, and I guess I didn’t pack the book Praying Scriptures for Your Children… or something like that because I haven’t found it yet. =0( So, I was thinking I need to take the time (something I don’t have a lot of right now) to find some scriptures that I want to pray for each of our 5 children. BUT… look how GRACIOUS God is! Your post is in my e-mail! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! God bless you and all you do & share! =0)


    • @Melinda, you’re so welcome! There have been so many times the Lord has graciously answered me via links, ideas, downloads and encouragement for those worries I had niggling in the back of my heart, or on my lips in prayer requests.


      • I have downloaded & printed & made my flip calendar! Yea! =0) I don’t want to sound negative, but I did want you to know that by just glancing, I’ve noticed that at least 2 of the “pages” have maybe a last word or two cut off from the prayer section. I think it is true in the black & white & color versions. I thought you’d like to know. =0) I still love it!! =0)


      • Thanks for the updates AND for the blank calendar! I was in the process of making a prayer calendar for each of my kids… but I was adding pictures of people or “things” (like countries) we pray for. I had just finished collecting all my pictures. Now I’m thinking I can just “pop” them into your template & print them out! =0)


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