Small Steps

Be faithful where you are right now.

Just start where you can.

Take the first step.

Whether it is

  • cleaning the house,
  • learning a new skill,
  • re-organizing a room,
  • developing a good habit,
  • starting a routine,
  • clearing a garden bed,
  • or beginning a new school phase …

just start

and take small steps.

In this way we have established a wonderful, rich homeschool education.

Last year we introduced new subjects.

I gently included Hymn Study in our Bible Study time.  We implemented the SCM Scripture Memory System.  We made a commitment to get outside at least once a week for Nature Study.

And I added Shakespeare.

Small Steps.

This year my 12-year-old started her junior-high curriculum.  It involves much more independent reading.  Her course is more political, more mature.  She needs to stretch her mind and her heart.  She has been afraid to start.

Fear has a way of crushing all joy and liberty.

Grace makes a way for growth.

I encourage her to take small steps.

We  start together.

Keep lessons short.

And trust the Lord that within a few weeks we will have found our way and even have mastered new areas.

I can approach some specific house cleaning in the same way.

While I wait for the kettle to boil I can …

  • clean a shelf
  • re-arrange the Tupperware and plastics cupboard,
  • wipe down a fridge shelf
  • re-organize a utensil drawer
  • clean inside the microwave …

With 15 minutes each day I can tackle a large task and break it down by working in small stages; each time sort/ clean/ rearrange/ give away.  I recently went through my wardrobe ~

  • 1st day – check through all the shoes,
  • 2nd day – go through just the undies and PJ’s
  • 3rd day – work through knitted garments
  • 4th day – sort through all skirts and dresses
  • 5th day – pack scarves
  • etc …

Just this weekend we tackled my 9-year-old’s stuff. 

It was a mountain! 

We were both discouraged to start, but we took small steps.

I placed 3 boxes in a row – Keep, Give Away, Throw Away

Quick as a flash we went through each shelf.

In just 20 minutes we had done all her clothes.

After a short break, we tackled her dressing table, then her toys.

I packaged the stuff for charity and for storage.


Much relief for all!

We find that this works when we try train our children in new chores.

  • Show them clearly how to do a task in a simple way.
  • Spend a few minutes every time to focus and establish the skills.
  • Finally, set them to do it without our help or reminders.

Small deposits … great dividends.

How do you tackle big issues?

What tactics do you find works?  Share with us in your comments.


8 thoughts on “Small Steps

  1. Thank you for the tips and encouragement that it can be tackled and overcome! I tend to try to take too big of a bite and get discouraged because the task seems overwhelming. I’m making a list and will divide it into smaller jobs. Then divide it up among my four daughters with me helping where needed. Thanks again!


  2. I love these tips. Introducing good routines and habits slowly and one at a time has been very effective in our home. It is a decent amount of legwork in prep and teaching, but the rewards do a lot to keep things running smoothly later on.


  3. How funny that you wrote about this topic today! I am trying to figure out how to write on this same topic for a future article! I’m great at organizing and cleaning, but I need to make it easy for others (who are messy) to be encouraged! Thank you for your timely words of encouragement.


  4. Thank you Nadene. Your post was a blessing. I have several household tasks that seem overwhelming but could seem easy a step at a time as you described. Also my husband and I are seeing a need to address some discipline issues we have been neglecting and I think your advice for taking small steps may be applicable and helpful – I had been feeling overwhelmed at the thought of what we will be tackling and the courage, strength and commitment it will take to make the changes but perhaps a little at a time it would be doable…. Thank you for sharing your helpful thoughts with us.


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