Hymn Copywork

Hymn copywork is an easy way to ~

  • learn hymn words
  • practice neat handwriting
  • meditate on new word’s meanings
  • express personal faith
  • practice short sweet writing lessons daily
  • memorize a weekly recitation
  • encourage personal response to hymns

Keeping short lessons in mind, try Charlotte Mason’s approach to teaching neat handwriting ~

  1. Once your child knows how to form all his letters ( use a laminated handwriting chart for simple, easy lessons), let him transcribe/copy a line/ short section of the hymn each day
  2. Copy a verse each week until he has copied the hymn in full.
  3. Young children may manage just one line each day and complete a verse in the week
  4. Encourage your child to memorize the verse he copied ~ read it aloud daily and recite it at the end of the week.
  5. Discuss and look up new words, write meanings in their personal dictionary or hymn page (we use Jimmie’s Collage hymn pages).
  6. Encourage a personal response to the hymn.
  7. Play the hymn while the child writes out the verse.
  8. Write a personal response to the writing prompt for each hymn at the bottom of the page.

Our Hymn Schedule for 2012 covers 1 hymn for each month.

Here’s your free downloads ~

Blessings, Nadene

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15 thoughts on “Hymn Copywork

  1. Hi there! Love these! I was hoping to use the Hymn Copywork with dotted lines for my younger kids, but the link takes me to the version with lined pages (both hyperlinks send me to the same page.) Would you mind sending me the link for the version with dotted lines? Thanks!


    • Hello @Lara K, I have checked the files and updated them both. The middle dotted lined page’s “dots” do not seem to display well on the screen as they are very small, but they do print as dotted lines. I have emailed you both files. Hope you enjoy these Copywork pages! Blessings.


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  8. These are fantastic! (shared on my blog today) The kids are using the April page starting today… we’re always looking for great passages/verses/hymns to copy – you’ve really helped us out! Thank you!!!


  9. I love this idea! My daughter (6) has developed a great love of hymns already (from my wonderful husband) and this would just enrich her learning and incorporate so many other essientials! Fantastic idea and thank you so much for posting. We start hymn copywork tomorrow (and she’ll be thrilled!).

    I would love to link back to your blog from my own. Do you have a grab button (and if not, could I create one for you)? You have such wonderful ideas and thorough explanations of how and why you “school”. I’d love for others to find your blog.



  10. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!!!
    Just today I was thinking it would be great to have this to go with the hymn study you posted and tada!!! You are such a blessing to me! Thank you for sharing all of your hard work, I can’t tell you how much you have helped me!
    Thank You Again!!!


  11. Thank you! (And apologizing in advance if this is a double post. I submitted one comment, but don’t see it. Maybe you have to okay them first….but I just wanted to try one more time in case it was something on my end….) 🙂


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