Hymn Study for 2012

This past year I gently added Hymn Study to our weekly schedule.

loved  these wonderful spiritual songs.

My young children sang along too,

but I hope for much more …

I trust the Lord

that as they learn hymns

their spirits be ignited by Faith-filled words,

their faith strengthened by words of Truth,

their minds renewed with Scripture-based words,

and that their own words will echo these words of Hope.

To this end I scheduled a Hymn for each month

and typed a small Hymn booklet for each year.

As with my Fine Arts plans, I used Ambleside Online’s Hymn schedule as a basic guideline, and matched their hymns to my CD hymn collection for our schedule.

Free downloads ~

  • Hymn Schedule 2012 ~ with 12 hymns including the words (adapted for our CD recordings), lyric and music biography pictures, a Scripture that inspired the hymn.
  • Hymn Booklet Vol 1 Vol 2 ~ small, narrow booklet with 2011 and 2012’s scheduled hymns.  Print out the pages and then concertina-fold them and glue them together to form 2 little booklets.  (I wish we learnt these hymns’ words off by heart so that we don’t even need to read the words …)

How do you teach your children hymns?


21 thoughts on “Hymn Study for 2012

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    • @1plus1plus1equals1, I hope you’ve found loads of inspiration and practical help. Blessings as you and your family worship Him in “hymns,songs and spriritual songs”!


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  7. Could you tell me how to make these booklets or direct me to a site with instructions? I can not figure how to fold and glue it. I have them printed and cut out, now what?



    • @Olivia, look at the bottom middle picture of the collage and you’ll see the pages are concertina-folded. Glue the 2nd hymn page to the back of the last fold of the 1st page. Glue the inside of each fold together. Glue the cover to the first and last folded page. You may even fold and glue both booklets together into 1 thicker book, if you want to. Hope this helps. 🙂


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  10. Hi Nadene, thanks for visiting Anteater yesterday. My girls have just gone through your cursive nature pages and I’d love to use our Hymns as cont’d cursive practice for them (and print work for my almost 7 year old) – can you offer any advice or details on creating sheets similar, including font?


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  12. I love this! We are church musicians and know many of these classic hymns, but not all the verses… I was inspired recently by an IEW download that talked about the value of children memorizing (in general) and how useful poetry is for memorization because of the meter and rhyme. Hymns have these characteristics as well. I set a goal of planning some hymns to add to the memorization list in addition to the Scriptures we are striving to memorize. You’ve done the work for me! Bless you Nadine!


  13. Wow Nadene, these are delightful, you are very clever. Although I do play a lot of hymn throughout the year we actually didn’t cover hymns as a subject in 2011. There is so much to cover on the AO schedule, somethings just get missed. Thank you so much for sharing these. Merry Christmas


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