Fine Arts updated

I have been busy planning our Fine Arts for 2012.

May I share how I go about this?

English: Autograph partiture by the Polish com...Famous Composers

  • list all my classic CDs I already have at home (be faithful with what I have)
  • check Ambleside Online’s composer schedule  (free)
  • find music appreciation unit studies free online – try Harmony Arts Mom  (free)
  • register with for online listening and hyperlink the composer studies  (small monthly cost saves me having to buy CDs)
  • match the suggested AO composers and my CDs and online music, youTube urls, other music studies and put 12 composers on my year plan  (takes about a day)
  • Last year we only covered  6 of our 12 planned composers, but we really loved those we listened to.  I simply start this new year where we left off from last year.

I have updated my Famous Musician Pages to include ~

  • Frederic Chopin
  • Johannes Brahms
  • and new biography pages with a map

Famous Artists

Pineapple Bud, oil on canvas painting by ''Geo...

by Georgia O'Keeffe

I have created my own studies and Famous Artist Lapbook, but I was blessed to download Erica’s free The World’s Great Artists Unit Studies. Vol 1. at Confessions of a

She created detailed lessons based on the book World’s Greatest Artist Series by Mike Venezia.

I don’t have these books, but there is so many rich resources on the internet that I will link to the lessons.

I updated my Famous Artists page with wall chart and biography pages to include ~

  • Georgia O’Keeffe
  • Henry Matisse


8 thoughts on “Fine Arts updated

  1. Thanks so much for the cont’d great resources. We plan to add your Hymn Study this January. I’m also sorting out a way to gently move into composer study since it hasn’t been a part of our regular homeschool life. I saw you mentioned Harmony Arts Mom as a resource for free music unit studies, but I didn’t see any free studies-just checking?
    Thanks for the very hands on, practical, and high quality resources…


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  3. Thanks for sharing! Teaching the artists and composers is one of my favorite parts of homeschooling — it’s like frosting on the cake! I appreciate all the resources that you share.


  4. I love your notebooking pages! We use CM as well.

    Can you help me with the type, though? After downloading them, I totally loose the typeface that you had; and its partly unreadable.

    Thanks! Michelle


    • @Michelle, I’ve checked the files and they seem fine when I download them. Could you try again and I can email you the orginal Word files if they still don’t open correctly.


      • Thanks Nadene! I probably don’t have the fonts. Usually if they are converted to pdf files, as yours are, they do fine. I really don’t know why they are doing this. Can you tell me what the fonts are? (heads and body text) If that doesn’t work, I will have you send me the pdfs through email. Thank you sooooo much.

        We have been using your pages over the last year and have enjoyed them. Our notebooking has also increased quite a bit now that we are where we can access printer ink a lot easier. 🙂

        on a side/personal note: I’ve been to your beautiful country, and have very fond memories of the Cape and surrounds. We served in Kenya for eight years with our mission (still with the mission, only now in Alaska), and took a two-week holiday to SA. Beautiful, and one of our favorites.

        Blessings to you! < Michelle


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