Blog Award and Nominations

I hesitate to post this …

Deep in my heart I do NOT want to promote myself.

I am always delighted when folks comment or email me, thanking me for my free pages and encouraging posts.

And that is the reward in itself.

But, it is the season for awards and I humbly wish to acknowledge and thank those who nominated my blog.


The Homeschool Post 7th Annual Homeschool Blog Awards

Homeschool Blog Awards Nominee Button

Thank you for nominating me for ~

I am honored to be nominated along with such amazing blogs!

If you want to pop over to vote, set aside a wad of time because there is a super-long list of blogs in each category!

Secondly ~

Chareen of Every Bed Of Roses awarded me with this ~

Chareen, a South African, now a New Zealand citizen, homeschools her 3 children and shares their journey together on her blog.
If you pop over to visit her, you’ll be blessed with her gentle and beautiful posts.
Also in this post, I found an inspirational blog Victoria Leach – Portrait Art.
Your award was such an unexpected blessing, Chareen, thank you so much.
(If I had more time I would write about myself and pass this award on, but I will just say thank you and ask my readers to visit your blog and those you listed 🙂 )
Thank you all.


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