Mix “Have” To with “Love” To Wisdom

Of all my Charlotte Mason books, Karen Andreola is my favourite author.  Her books are inspiring, refreshing and nurturing.

And I love her blog Moments With Mother Culture.  She is a wonderful mentor.  I think it is because she loves to encourage mothers.  She also inspires me with her love of beautiful things; knitting, needlework, gardening and pretty touches to her home decor.

She talks mostly of “Mother Culture” ~

“Mothers should cultivate their souls so that

in turn they may cultivate the souls of their children.

In an Interview with Karen Andreola at Teish Knits, Teish asked Karen this question,

Do you have any particular words of wisdom for homeschooling moms?

Karen spoke of how homeschool moms, devoted and self-sacrificing, need to be aware of her enemies.

She said,

“Fatigue is one. It will drag her down.

All work and no play is another. It can cause her to become disheartened, disinterested or after an extended period – depressed”

But I loved  her remedy:

“Mix some of what you “have” to teach with some of what you “like” to teach, each day.”

Isn’t that wonderful?

Permission to, “Mix the business of bringing up children with pleasure.”

And doesn’t Charlotte Mason’s approach encourage this practice?

Moms need to go out and enjoy those nature walks, sit and listen to classic music, read wonderful books.

What do I love to do?

I realized that I love Sketch Tuesday.  I love artClassic music fills my soul. I love great books and reading aloud.  And more recently, nature walks and journalling fill my cup.  All part of our Charlotte Mason education.

I am so blessed to have homeschool days with these joyful, happy, lovely activities scheduled.  In fact Fridays are our best days because we do Fine Arts and Nature Study then.

And when days go wrong, or kids are sick or whatever, we read, craft, listen to audio books, or sit out in nature and journal.

But when mothers are tired and discouraged, Karen encourages us to take small moments for “Mother Culture” ~ moments of recreation and refreshment for mom.

  • listen to mommy’s music
  • read a mommy book
  • take a walk alone
  • take photographs
  • watch a sunset
  • get up early and watch the sunrise
  • garden
  • arrange a vase of flowers
  • decorate a table or a shelf
  • light candles and play music
  • cuddle a pet
  • listen to a teaching
  • learn a new skill
  • visit another mom to encourage and share
  • make a special cup of tea or coffee and sip it slowly
  • do some knitting, sewing, needlework or craft
  • dance, sing, play a musical instrument
  • stretch and exercise
  • pray and have devotions in a sacred place alone
  • do not stop growing into the person God created her to be

What do you do?

Thank you Karen, for your wisdom and encouragement.

Thank you for nurturing mothers.  We so appreciate you and your ministry.


13 thoughts on “Mix “Have” To with “Love” To Wisdom

    • @Lora, I re-read this book every year and keep finding more to inspire. Partly because it is such a deep and enriching book, but also because as my own children mature, I find new aspects to explore.


  1. Wow! I love this post – just what I needed! We are on week 4 of Japan, which is only 2 weeks according to the curriculum! Yikes! I’ve felt pressured, but there were a few things I really wanted to cover before we moved on. In retrospect things that I like: Japanese Gardens, print-making, a Koto concert, and a few things that really interest my daughter like tsunamis and earthquakes. I try not to be held captive to the schedule, but I do feel better now! Thanks!

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    • @Saraspondence, I felt the same way about our study of Japan 2 years ago! To just flit through it in 2 weeks was an injustice. I decided that we will spend as long as we need to on any topic or subject that sparks our interest and I have never regretted it. The schedule is just my guideline.

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  2. What a treat to read this post. I am happy my ideas are ministering to you. Thank you for sharing them with your friends. I like your list of Mother Culture pastimes. Can I add “shoe shopping” onto this? I don’t do it often but . . .
    Last evening I listened to “Mommy’s Music” – Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony – after supper. I love it. But I didn’t think of it. My husband put the CD on for me. It’s been a long time since I heard it last.
    Karen A.


    • @Karen, Thanks for popping by. I just love your addition to our Mother Culture List – shoe shopping! For me it will be just wonderful to leisurely window shop and dream, or spend some time (and some spare cash) at a plant nursery!


  3. Being a mom of special needs children, I’m always stressed out. This week has been especially difficult with potty accidents galore. I just sometimes feel like I should give up. I am looking into a GFCF diet for the kids and all of us (I read online that bed wetting is actually due to allergies which makes a ton of sense!) but until we get that all straightened out, I’m giving myself a break. I’m still doing school, but if I don’t get done…oh well. I have a good excuse. Hopefully someday I’ll actually get some of these issues under control. I don’t follow CM to a T, but I have inherited a lot of her thinking into my school day and it is really great.

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    • @Michelle, I can hear your need for “Mother Culture”. We are not CM purists either, but I love her approach because it nurtures and feeds all our souls, minds, hearts and hands. We apply whatever we can to our homeschooling and lifestyle. In fact, with habit training, I can think of no one else with as much wisdom and practical advice than Charlotte Mason.

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  4. This was a very encouraging post, and just what I needed to read today. I’m now visiting Karen Andreola’s blog to see what she has there. Thanks for the link.


  5. Nadene,

    You are encouraging as usual! Karen’s books are my favorite, and CM Companion is re-read every year. I glean new treasures from it each time! I would add to Mother Culture, looking at lovely magazines (eye-candy!) My 18yo dd and I love Tea Time and Victoria. We find old ones and make visual journals of our favorite pictures. Very restful and inspiring for both of us.


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    • @mummy2six, I agree! My 16-year-old and I love browsing through lovely, inspiring magazines and web sites together. Thanks for adding your ideas to our Mother Culture List!


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