Appreciating Vuillard’s Patterns

Impressionist painter Edouard Vuillard‘s art

often featured interiors, was typically highly decorative,  and full of patterns.


When I planned this art activity, I focused on


In fact when we viewed Feeding Annette, we counted over 12 patterns in the painting!

I selected Misia Nathanson & Paul Vallotton for our first art appreciation lesson.

Portrait of Misia Sert

When I wanted to trace this picture, I had run out of tracing paper.  Living on a remote farm, I did as most farmers do – ‘n Boer maak ‘n plan – A farmer makes a plan!

I used a plastic page protector and a permanent marker and traced the picture on that!  Then I photocopied the page protector and had my outline ready.  At first I was a little worried about the thick outlines, but it served very well once we started our lesson.

We studied the patterns on Vuillard’s work; on the wall paper and on the clothes.

I gave each child a blank page, folded into thirds.  We each filled the thirds with a different pattern.  We only needed 2 patterns.

Any style, any colours.

We were just using the idea or concept and not re-creating his painting.

Making patterns is a relaxing right-brain activity.

No stress.

Just creative flow.


Then we cut the patterned paper to glue on the outlined drawing.

I held my outline up against the window and traced the outline’s shape over the pattern.  Those thick dark outlines I worried about earlier showed through the patterned paper nice and clearly.

(A light box would work better, but this worked well!)

We cut and pasted the patterns as the lady’s cloak and the wall paper.

We painted and coloured the rest of the painting.

Our final works:

Here’s your 3 free outlines and small prints of the Vuillard paintings in our appreciation lessons:

Appreciating Vuillard


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