Our Study of Schubert

Oil painting of Franz Schubert, after an 1825 ...

We couldn’t wait to start our music appreciation on Schubert because our family LOVE the Young Victoria movie.

“What is the connection?” I hear you ask.

Well, Barb of Harmony Art Mom linked to several Schubert YouTube videos of his music, and this is the link that started it all!

and she posted all these Schubert videos:

But allow me to go back to the movie Young Victoria for a little longer …Image result for young victoria movie

Franz Schubert is Prince Alfred’s favourite composer and he declares his love to Victoria by sending her the Swan Song ( Schwanengesang, D 957: no 4) which plays during a tender scene in the movie.

Beautiful connection.  We all decided that this piece by Schubert is our favourite …

I found some other Schubert sites:

We also listen to this:

The narration of the musician’s life flows over some of his music and there are several tracks of music played after the biography.

I also read Schubert’s biography and the children filled in their Famous Musician Biography page.  And we selected a specific piece (the kids nominated the Swan Song this week)  and we listened to it several times while the kids filled in their Music Appreciation Log Sheet.

This month we listen to Schubert while we are doing art, or sketch (for Sketch Tuesday) or paint (during art appreciation lessons).

Pop over to my Famous Musician Pages for your own free downloads.

Blessings, Nadene

4 thoughts on “Our Study of Schubert

  1. Yay! I love hearing about these kinds of studies… ours are so relaxed that sometimes it’s so inspiring to hear about others who go all out! I’ll have to bookmark this page to come back to when we study Schubert! 🙂

    Thanks, Nadene!


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