Our Journey into Homeschooling

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In a way, describing how we started down the road into homeschooling is really a dedication post to my very special friends.

Because that’s how it all started.

3 moms at church, each with teeny toddlers, met together for tea and discovered we all had like-hearts.

Perhaps we all shared a desire for attached parenting.  We wanted to nurture our children, share in their formation years and inspire in them a love to learn.

After a few play-dates, tea dates and chats, and a few outings … our homeschooling was birthed.

I can clearly remember our pre-school planning time, we sat in a think tank and discovered how wonderfully the Lord led us.  We used a Bible Alphabet Colouring book as our base and spent several weeks on A for Angels doing angel stories, angel songs, angel crafts, angel food, even angel games!

We realized we each had something special and unique to bring to our group.  We realized our children enjoyed repetition more than we ever planned for! I think that, after a whole year, we only got to H for Hearts!

We grew into homeschooling as our children grew up.  Some new babies arrived.  Some more moms joined.  Some moms moved.  Some children went to real school.  Some came back to homeschool … and back to school.  I even homeschooled alone for a season.

When we started junior primary schooling, I visited a serious homeschool mom to view her methods and curriculum.  I remember being scared, thinking, “How can I do this?”  I know that I didn’t buy her curriculum.  I also thought this was an awesome decision.

But my homeschooling became more than just a heart-choice.  We bought a farm near a small rural town with no English schools, moved away, and so it was settled, we would have to homeschool.  But I was glad.  This left no room for doubts.  I had to follow my heart which was set on homeschooling anyway.

That was a tough year.

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No friends nearby.

No church group with moms and tots.

No other English-speaking families.

And definitely no other homeschoolers.

And it was my first year teaching all 3 children, each on their own core.

In a word. Stressful.

But, after just 2 years, there were 9 other local homeschooling families that got together, went on outings, socialized and encouraged each other.  (And yes, we were still the only English family.)

Then we sold our farm and spent a year on the road looking for a new farm.  All our homeschool stuff fitted into a small travel bag.  We all used 1 core curriculum and had an amazing 18 months in intimate, simple homeschooling.

Now we live and homeschool on a very remote mountain farm, even further from friends and church groups.

Our friends drive once a year to spend a school holiday with us.  We travel to visit them.  Our eldest children, now 16 and 17 years old, are still good friends.

And those amazing moms are still my dearest, most special friends!

Here’s my heart-felt thanks to you ~ travelling even just part of the homeschooling journey together has made all the difference in the world!


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14 thoughts on “Our Journey into Homeschooling

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  2. Thank you for sharing your road of HS with us. As you may remember, we have also just started out. The Lord has also provided me with loving, caring friends, although not HS themselves, they are more than willing to help with playdates for the boys and hubby and me to get a bit of a break and have some “alone” time. Friends are some of God’s cornerstones to keep us all on His path.


  3. Hi there Miss Nadene…I found your link on facebook and was happy about seeing so many passionate ladies like yourself there to encourage myself in the endeavor to homeschool. I have one son, and I’m single so I try to get involved in as many things as I can to make a well rounded experience for my son’s education. I have no interest in putting him in a large, sort of secular mindset, over stimulus environment, so this is our 3rd year homeschooling. I also felt threatened by administration by getting too many absences during the cold and icey weather, so for those reasons among many other also, haha, I decided to homeschool.

    It was a blessing to read your thought process, and enjoyed your insight. I share a lot of similar ideas in homeschooling and also appreciate the Charlotte Mason way of thinking. Although I have yet to utilize any of your resources I wanted to say thank you for sharing so much and applaud your efforts and generosity to include the free downloads for art. I have been looking for free impressionistic art downloads and I haven’t found what I was looking for yet. I could order some usborne things, and I still may, and also Sonlight maybe, but I have pieced together my curriculum to save money as I really have so much already. I think your sight just gave me an added boost today…and look forward to snooping around your sight some more.

    God bless your creative mind and family,
    Ronya Hardesty


    • @Ronya, I’m so glad you find encouragement here! When facing limitations and difficulties it is vital to find support and encouragement in the Lord and from others He leads us to. For art, just start with what you have or use art books from the library. As you continue, you could look for some 2nd hand art books or calendars and build up your resources. Bessings as you press on, Nadene


    • @The King Will Make a Way, it is lonely at times, but the internet has become the window into my world and I am often so encouraged by the love and support I find here. As your title so wonderfully says, “The Lord will make a way!”


  4. Thank you for sharing. I love reading your post and shared it on my Facebook blog page. It is inspiring. My family is often moving and I usually worry about moving to an area with little or no homeschooling community, but it usually always works out in the end anyway, doesn’t it?


  5. Thanks for sharing this Nadene 🙂 I enjoyed reading about your journey so far and how it began. My story is going to be published in the next day or two (I’m far too verbose! But for the sake of my own family record, it’ll stay like that!) and I was interested to read how our journeys have similarities. Especially around good friends who have been essential to the journey itself. Wonderful. 🙂 what Cores do you currently use?


    • @Taryn, Isn’t sharing the journey the most important and happiest part? And I love your words! We’re currently on Sonlight American History Core 3 & 4 combined (don’t know the “new” core letters) – stretching it over 18 months … or so …


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