2 Sketch Tuesdays ~ Glows & USA


Barb and Sketch Tuesday are back!

Here’s what we posted for

Something That Glows

by Miss.L9

by Miss. K11

by Nadene

Made in USA

Miss. L9's hamburger & Coke

Miss. K11's Revlon lipstick and nail varnish & sunglasses

My "Danny Gregory inspired" USA images

Barb posted an inspiring Danny Gregory video a week or so ago.  We all checked it out and his work is about simple everyday stuff and his technique is stunning.

I was immediately inspired and took out our nib pens and ink and started sketching.  Despite our ink NOT being waterproof, I painted with water colours and I was very happy with the results.  The sort of smudged and messy look is something I rarely do, but I liked the freedom!

Sketch Tuesday has been a very easy way to learn about new artists or styles and try them out.  I remember falling in love with Georgia O’Keeffe’s art.

So go ahead this week and use the suggested Sketch Tuesday topic and try a new medium, imitate a new artist or try a new style.

Happy sketching!


4 thoughts on “2 Sketch Tuesdays ~ Glows & USA

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  3. Interesting how (is it Danny?) relates lipstick, nail polish, nuts, bolts, and sunglasses to the US. I wondered why? Just curious. I understand the reference to the hamburger and Coke. Were the other things originating in the US? 🙂


    • @Julie, although I used Danny’s ink and paint technique, the items I sketched were my own ideas. Actually, I googled “made in USA” and these were the images that came up! 🙂


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