Sketching Something Brown For Sketch Tuesday

What do you think of when I say the word


Living on a farm, I can think of lots of brown …

garden soil

deep, dark brown compost


pooh … cow pooh,  sheep pooh …

our beautiful brown Jersey cows with their caramel brown calves…

brown ploughed lands ready for Spring plantings

But we all spontaneously thought of yummy brown things …

Lindt chocolates

layered chocolate cake

chocolate sauce pouring over cakes

hot chocolate drinks with cream …

And here are our sketches:

Miss. L9's delicious brown goodies!

Miss. K11's beautiful dipping chocolate hearts

My dream chocolate treats

We can’t wait for the official Sketch Tuesday to start 6th September!


2 thoughts on “Sketching Something Brown For Sketch Tuesday

  1. I’m finding myself glad that you chose the chocolate over the the other choices! I do have respect for the others! My grandfather had cows on the farm, and we used to dodge the cowpies on the way to playing in the barn – the grass always grew greener in the cowyard!

    We are looking forward to Sketch Tuesday starting up again as well!


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