July Sketch Tuesday Art

We’re back to school after our July winter break.  My kids loved their free days around the farm and time for creative beading, reading, baking, sewing and crafting.

One of the few constants in our home is art and crafts.  We sketched right through the school holidays.  My kids just love Sketch Tuesday themes – they’re simple, yet creative ideas. 

Although Sketch Tuesday is officially closed till September,   I penciled in some Sketch Tuesday themes from Barb’ past slide shows on our calendar and we sketched each week.

Even some friends and visitors joined in.

Here are some of our sketches for our July slide show:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Are you still sketching?


6 thoughts on “July Sketch Tuesday Art

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  3. Hi Nadene, We are doing a similar thing while Sketch Tuesday is on hold. We put random suggestions (using alliteration in the titles) in a jar and pull one out each week, sometimes more often. We miss ST as well even though we didn’t always send ours in we would follow always! You have such a lovely organised homeschool. Have a great week. Warmest wishes, Renelle


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  5. Wonderful to see you are still sketching! I was just thinking earlier today that I have started to miss Sketch Tuesday….must be about time to start again. Thanks for sharing your artwork in a slideshow. Fantastic job!


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